Eating in San José

Eating in San José

Belonging to the municipality of Níjar, the town of San José encompasses an environment of great natural value in Spain that gives access to several of the main virgin spaces of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Its cuisine is diverse and has several bars and restaurants where you can eat good dishes in San José.

The Mediterranean-based cuisine is the main basis of everything that has to be eaten in San José. Sauce stews of strong traditional essence, all kinds of rice as well as fish and seafood from the coasts of Almeria are some of the strong points of the cuisine of this town. In the restaurants and homes of San José it is easy to find monkfish, octopus, cuttlefish, mackerel, melva, red mullet, red shrimp and other marine species that can be consumed roasted, grilled or in many different ways.

Regarding meat products, when eating in San José, you can also find a good offer of game or other meats such as roast kid. Veal and other livestock species are usually imported from other regions. To finish eating in San José it is advisable to try some traditional pastry specialty typical of the province of Almeria.

ternera san jose
melva retamar

If what you want to eat in San José are local tapas, the town has a good offer of specialized establishments among which include some like the Monsul bar, where a drink and a beer is the best option. Among its tapas you’ll find tripe, salmorejo, tortilla or chorizo, among others. They do not have much variety but they do have quality.

In Iruña you will find very acceptable tapas and rations. Typical products of the town with good value for money. The Octopus is a tapas bar and rations with a careful presentation of their dishes. Of course, octopus is the specialty of the house, try the delicious octopus croquettes

comer san jose bar monsul
Bar Monsul
comer san jose octopus
El Octopus

There are a good number of restaurants in San Jose. Casa Miguel is an establishment where the cinema and the films shot in Cabo de Gata have a special role. Its cuisine is classic, specializing in all kinds of rice, fish and seafood of local origin.

Another place to take into account to eat in San José is 4 Nudos, located next to the port; In it, a recipe book is created, ascribed to the Mediterranean tradition where seafood has a leading role, in addition to having a good offer of meat or rice. In the tavern area you can eat tapas.

The restaurant El Mich offers an attractive menu of modern and innovative cuisine, a good fusion proposal very well valued in the town. One of the best valued in the town.

Aniceto is a restaurant that uses seasonal products, first quality and, for the most part, native origin to shape a quality kitchen of local essence.

comer san jose casa miguel
Casa Miguel
comer san jose cuatro nudos
4 Nudos

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