Eating in Roquetas de Mar

Eating in Roquetas de Mar

Second urban nucleus of the province and touristic enclave of first order, Roquetas appears as a hamlet surrounded by a sea of plastic conformed by the greenhouses where an intensive agriculture takes place to provide of green supplies. Beautiful, lively and warm, its beaches are very popular throughout the year. Eating in Roquetas de Mar is synonymous with dishes full of fish and seafood, combined in different recipes.

There are many options for eating in Roquetas de Mar. The fishing port of this touristic town offers daily a selection of fish and seafood of top quality for eating in Roquetas de Mar. The wide gastronomic variety of the municipality is starred in all dishes by marine products. You should eat dishes based on the catch of the littoral: fried fish, casserole of noodles with monkfish or one of the local specialties: gurullos with lobster; The latter consist of wheat flour pasta in the shape of rice grain to which seafood such as prawns or mussels are added.

In addition, in many restaurants in Roquetas de Mar you will find a different way of eating rice; It is about the separate rice, a combination of cooked fish and seafood, which are tasted as a first course, to continue later as a second course, with rice. There are also different ways to prepare a seafood zarzuela that you can taste in the bars and restaurants of the area; The most common foods are mussels, clams, squids and raw boiled crawfish. In the many bars and taverns of local flavor you can also eat in Roquetas de Mar superbly; We recommend trying the tapas of pickled fish which is another local specialty. The party of Las Moragas is a perfect occasion to have a good time and eat in Roquetas de Mar.

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calamares plancha

And speaking of tapas, this is a very widespread way of eating in Roquetas de Mar, which has good restaurants for it, such as Taberna Adarra or Nido de Pepe.

In the Taberna Adarra he meets the three B’s: good (bueno), nice (bonito) and cheap (barato). Among the most delicious tapas are the chicken fajita, the montadito of squid and the baby squid. They also have rations, like the Adarra salad. On the other hand, Nido de Pepe is one of the best in Roquetas de Mar de tapas. Among its cazuelitas highlights the paella and popcorn cecina.

Another place to try a good tapas is El Marinero bar and restaurant, where a drink is served with a drink. Fried peppers, rice casserole, gazpacho, prawn skewer … Our mouth is watering! In El Rincón Secreto you will find a gourmet restaurant with delicious tapas such as mini beef burgers with colorful bread or white garlic salmorejo fusion. Awesome! And economic.

comer roquetas mar taberna adarra
Taberna Adarra
comer roquetas mar restaurante nido pepe
Nido de Pepe

As a good touristic location, there are numerous options for eating in Roquetas de Mar, one of the most popular cores of the Almerian coast. Due to its fame, Alejandro stands out as the best restaurant, creative owner of a Michelin star. The fishing port of the town ensures the supply of fresh fish and seafood and top quality products for the many restaurants in Roquetas de Mar. The dishes are an explosion of flavors.

A peculiar place is the El Rincon Secreto restaurant, where all the cuisine is made with stone, including tapas. Valued as one of the best to eat a la carte. They have dishes such as ox sirloin. Very good dishes and current decoration.

If you are looking for a place where you can prepare an event, the Gaby Group restaurant is a good option. El Boquerón de Plata has wonderful views of the bay and has a good menu of fish and paellas. Family atmosphere in La Colmena you will enjoy a great paella or its fish and meat.

comer roquetas mar restaurante alejandro
Restaurante Alejandro
comer roquetas mar restaurante rincon secreto
Restaurante El Rincón Secreto

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