Moraig cove, the Mediterranean beach to go to before it is too late

The Moraig cove is, quite simply, a wonder of nature. This impressive cove is located in Poble Nou de Benitaxell, a small municipality that belongs to the province of Alicante, in the well-known region of the Marina Alta.

It is an ideal place for tourists or backpackers looking for something unique. Serenity and close contact with the sea. It has an extension of about 300 meters of purely Mediterranean beach.

It is a photogenic cove like no other in Spain. With a limited capacity for about 400 people, more or less, with good public services and crystal clear water in which you will want to take a good swim. Its history and the characteristics of the place are worth knowing.

A cozy and well-equipped cove


This is how the sea looks in the cove of Moraig. | Shutterstock

The Moraig cove can be reached by cautiously driving along the National Road 332. Once you leave behind the village, formed by low houses, some apartments and, above all, chalets, you will reach the entrance of the cove. It is located by turning left from the access road and there are several parking lots where you can leave your car for several hours. There is one that is very close to the beach, which is usually full, especially in summer. It is advisable to go early to get a parking space.

From the other parking lots, further away, it will be necessary to walk a steep slope to reach the cove, which can be a handicap for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. The beach has some areas adapted for wheelchairs.

On the other hand, the Moraig cove is well provided with umbrellas and sun loungers in the more ‘commercial’ area, so you can enjoy it with certain comforts, renting them. Taking advantage of the break in the pandemic caused by covid-19, improvement works were carried out in all the surroundings and in the cove itself. So it is a place well cared for by the Alicante institutions. It remains to be seen if they restore the services of the beach bar, a basic element for some tourists.

A small affordable route for nature lovers


Views of the impressive Cala del Moraig cove. | Shutterstock

There is a spectacularly beautiful route that delights nature lovers and can be completed by anyone if they are minimally prepared. This is the route that goes from the famous the Moraig cove to the more secluded Llebeig cove. This stretch is popularly known as the Benitatxell route and can be done both by land and by sea, by boat, motorboat or jet ski.

The people of the area recommend walking it, practicing hiking, because it transmits an incomparable sensation to be able to walk along the paths near the cliffs enjoying dreamlike views. The final climax is usually a refreshing dip in the Llebeig Cove, where you can also regain strength with a picnic by the sea. A recommendation: it is advisable to be well prepared for the route, especially in terms of footwear. Hiking boots are a must. And also sunscream if you decide to do it during the hottest monthts. There are just over 4 kilometers that can be completed in just one hour.

An area reserved to practice nudism without problems

For years, in Moraig and in all the surrounding coves, nudism has been practiced naturally, without any problems. There is an area ‘reserved’ for it at the bottom of the cove. Today it is still practiced, although it is true that you can find some people wearing swimsuits and textiles. In any case, it is a quiet, friendly area.

Whether you are looking for peace, harmony with nature and the sea, to preserve your health, to lie in the sun, read a good book and, in short, to disconnect. Moraig is a must cove for tourists who want to discover Alicante.

A place frequented by photographers from all over the world


It is understandable that the Moraig cove attracts the eyes of the whole world. | Shutterstock

The Moraig cove is the perfect place for photography professionals looking for paradisiacal sites for their artistic projects. Above the cove there is a small wooden lookout where many photographers can be seen.

But not only from the heights you can get spectacular views: many go down to the caves, in the sea, to get those amazing snapshots from the waves. Extraordinary sunsets have been photographed from there.

Cova dels Arcs, a stunning natural wonder

Cova dels Arcs

La Cova dels Arcs, another impressive corner of the surroundings. | Shutterstock

Another possibility offered by the Moraig cove and its surroundings has to do with water sports. Diving, snorkeling, swimming, canoeing… All in dreamlike landscapes. Lovers of these activities will have a great time in this cove.

And it also has a corner that looks like something out of a movie: the Cova dels Arcs. It is a place that not everyone can enter, but only divers or swimmers with great experience in the open sea. With extreme caution and skill you can even enter this cave to look through its two arch-shaped exits.

There are many things to see in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell

Not only of coves the human being lives, in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell you can do many other things. It has a curious and varied cultural offer given its size: a town of just over 4,000 inhabitants. It has a series of very varied concerts in spring and its own gastronomic festival: The Mitjà Fava Fest at the end of April. In addition to other festivals throughout the year: the Fiesta de las Rosas, Sant Antoni or the Fiestas de los Mayores, with very picturesque traditional Alicante events. In spring and summer the town is really dynamic and has a point in its favor: the open and hospitable character of its people.

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