Fascinating A Coruña, its most beautiful villages

Sea and mountains, beaches and forests, history and culture, gastronomy with its own accent. Galicia has everything to make your time in this land an unforgettable experience. Captained by Santiago de Compostela, Galicia in general, and the province of A Coruña in particular, can boast of places where you want to stay forever. It is difficult to establish an ideal point from which to begin to discover it, but it is necessary to do so. How about the most beautiful villages of this fascinating province?

A Ponte Maceira, a millenary spot

A Ponte Maceira, a beautiful village

A Ponte Maceira, a beautiful village. | Shutterstock

Despite its small size, or precisely because of its small size, the experience of discovering A Ponte Maceira is unique. Strolling through its cobbled streets and the paths that arise from this beautiful ancient bridge make this village one of the most beautiful in Galicia. The history of its birth goes back centuries in time, but the degree of conservation of its buildings and its cruceiro is very good. The Tambre river, the river that shapes the place, flows with the same force that has the dreamy postcard that emerges from this village.

Cereixo, peace in the Ria do Porto

Cereixo Church, 12th century

Cereixo Church, 12th century. | Shutterstock

If we talk about dreamy postcards, you can not miss this so different that Cereixo offers us. Cereixo remains little less than a secret. This small village resting by the sea does not yet have the fame that some of its neighbors have, but it won’t take long to win it. The first mention of Cereixo comes from the 13th century, although the Church of Santiago de Cereixo dates back to the 12th century. This corner is an ideal place to rest. Far from the noise, and close to the ocean.

Ézaro, unique in Europe

Ézaro waterfall

The impressive Ézaro waterfall. | Shutterstock

This parish of Dumbría has a particularity that not only characterizes it, it also embellishes it immensely. The Xallas river is to blame for this. Ézaro, the only parish in this municipality that borders the ocean, is a small and quiet place, but it is also unique in Europe. The Xallas river flows into the sea through a 40-meter high waterfall, which forms a spectacle worthy of mention, visit and admiration. A must stop if you visit A Coruña.

Fisterra, the end of the world

The lighthouse of Fisterra

The lighthouse of Fisterra awaits at the end of the road, and of the Camino. | Shutterstock

The emotional halo that surrounds Fisterra, with its lighthouse and that end of the world, needs no explanation. And it must be visited. To discover a place that remains forever in the memory of the thousands of pilgrims who visit every year and also to enjoy unique views. It really feels like the end of the world, but it is a powerful sensation. In addition, the town of Finisterre is a coastal town where it is very pleasant to spend a few days.

Muros, a sea town


Muros is one of the most popular villages in the province. | Shutterstock

An Asset of Cultural Interest and Historic-Artiscit Monumental Site. It is not that the town of Muros preserves its past, but that it is still what it has always been, a seaside town. A fishing town with a particular urban structure, which is a delight to discover. There is history in practically every one of its streets, with prehistoric engravings that can still be seen today and traditional fishing houses, with their typical arcades. And what beaches!

Muxía, the eternal charm


The views from the trails surrounding Muxia are breathtaking. | Shutterstock

In the heart of Costa da Morte, Muxía was very punished by the tragedy of the Prestige. With time, and with the effort of all the neighbors in the area, it has recovered and enhanced the charm it always had. It is a small fishing village, like most of this list, which combines charming beaches with enchanting landscapes. Very close to Muxía, Cape Touriñán shines with its own light. A true delight in A Coruña.

Noia, a timeless old town


The town of Noia is located in the heart of the Rías Baixas. | Shutterstock

Noia is mostly known for the value of its old town. It is an absolute enjoyment to walk through these ancient streets, located next to the waters that bathe the village, which is located in the middle of the Rias Baixas. The history of Noia is a medieval history. You can still see the remains of an ancient wall and the architecture of its buildings also points in this direction.

O Barqueiro, classic Galician beauty

O Barqueiro

O Barqueiro is one of the most beautiful villages in Galicia. | Shutterstock

The ría do Barqueiro, with its small port, is one of the smallest in Galicia. It is also one of the most charming. Speaking of dreamy postcards, the landscape that is created in this union between sea and town is one of the most beautiful in the community. Its houses, all in different colors, speak to the visitor of the life of the place. Around the village, many trails invite you to discover one of the most typical landscapes of the Galician coast and A Coruña. And yet, one of the most impressive.

Ortigueira, the best views


They say that the village of Ortigueira, besides being very beautiful, has near the best views in the world. | Shutterstock

Ortigueira has become known in recent years for having near the bank with the most beautiful views in the world. The so-called Banco de Loiba, located on the coast of the same name. This is how it has begun to be sold and shared. Reason is not lacking to the firm believers in this statement. The beaches of Ortigueira are, like those views, spectacular. The town itself is the ideal place to relax for a few days: beautiful, quiet and very Galician.

Redes, the sea charm


Redes is a typical seaside village, with all its charm. | Shutterstock

More coast, more sea, more fishing tradition. The village of Redes in A Coruña gets its name from the work of the men of the sea. This place rests on the Ares estuary, surprising with the color of its houses and the atmosphere that permeates. Redes is almost entirely pedestrian, which means that it is an ideal place to stroll, at any time of the year. It is a town where the word ‘charm’ makes absolute sense.

San Andrés de Teixido, the magic Galicia

San Andrés de Teixido

San Andrés de Teixido always looks stunning. | Shutterstock

This list could not miss a corner that refers to that Galicia meiga so precious. The province of A Coruña, in this sense, is one of the luckiest, because San Andrés de Teixido is a magical place like few others. This monastery located on a cliff has more legends than could be listed here. It is also an impressive landscape that, no matter how many times you have seen it, always surprises. As it happens with Galicia itself.

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