The cove of Sa Calobra, a tie knot to the sky

Curves to the right, curves to the left, 180º turns to skid with the motorbike, cars leaning on the abyss, buses forming queues behind… This is the road leading to Sa Calobra, one of the most popular coves in Mallorca. However, if we drive carefully, there is nothing to worry about! The road is perfectly paved too.

A winding road seen from above

The “tie knot”, a road leading to Sa Calobra. | Shutterstock

It was the Italian architect Antonio Paretti who designed this road called MA-2141 with the aim of adhering to the natural landscape it passes through: serra de Tramuntana. This way, the road, also known as “the tie knot”, lets us enjoy the surroundings from inside, without altering its shape. The trip is simply impressive. Once we descend, we will begin to see shades of blue in the distance. The sea awaits us.

Sa Calobra, the way to reach Torrent de Pareis

The road will lead us to the cove of Sa Calobra, whose name alludes to the road itself: calobra literally means snake. When we get there, we will be rewarded with a deep blue sky, and the bright turquoise water that defines the Balearic Islands. The beach is only 30 metres long. It’s made of sand and pebbles, and it does not really provide touristic services: no parasols, no kayak renting—not even showers! There are, though, bars, restaurants, and a couple of souvenir shops, and they do have bathrooms.

A beach with crystal waters surrounded by rocks and trees

The cove of Sa Calobra. | Shutterstock

Another charming aspect regarding this cove is the road connected to it: Torrent de Pareis. Before we reach Sa Calobra, we must drive through a tunnel dug into the rock. After that, the landscape is certainly impressive: a huge canyon with a height of more than 200 metres watching how the river of Torrent de Pareis flows into the Mediterranean Sea.  The beach here is longer than the previous one, with a length of about 100 metres long.

A cove which is always worth the risk

This cove is not really easy to access. In order to get there, we might travel by boat, among other possibilities. However, these difficulties do not deter tourists from coming, and that must mean something, right? In fact, this cove was declared a natural monument by the Balearic government, and many people go there despite the lack of accessibility. Moreover, if we move away from the beach, we will find wonderful spots in the canyon, quieter, and caressed by nice shadows.

A beach between high rocks

The cove of Torrent de Pareis, connected to Sa Calobra by a tunnel. | Shutterstock

If we definitely want to be alone, we can also swim between both coves, Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis. In that case, we should be careful and watch out for the boats passing by, since most people stay on the shore. Even though it is difficult to access and it tends to get crowded, this place is definitely a must-see, and one of the best coves in Mallorca.

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