Fascinating Córdoba: its most beautiful villages

Córdoba is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia, and even in Spain. Its narrow streets of white houses, its facades full of flowers and its spectacular mosque have turned it into a tourist treasure. However, Córdoba is much more than its city. The Andalusian province not only stands out for its historic city, but, when stopping to review the multitude of villages that compose it, you can discover authentic historical and monumental enclaves that sometimes go unnoticed by tourists. Therefore, this list will review the villages of Córdoba that Fascinating Spain considers the most beautiful and the features that make them become places of interest.


Belalcazar Castle córdoba

Belalcazar Castle, Córdoba. | Shutterstock

The small town of Belalcázar, located on the border between Córdoba and Badajoz, is configured around its ancient fortress. Thus, from the top of a hill, the castle is the watchman of the village. Belalcázar has an admirable preservation of its heritage and stands out for its military, civil and religious buildings. One of its main attractions, the one that receives the most visits, is the castle of the Sotomayor and Zúñiga families, built during the 15th century and constituted as a Gothic style fortress. This castle can be seen from any point of the town. Besides, there are also other places of interest such as the church of Santiago el Mayor, the convent of San Francisco de los Mártires or the old hospital of San Antonio de Padua.


Montoro córdoba

Montoro. | Shutterstock

Around the meanders of the Guadalquivir River have been swirling, with the passage of time, a multitude of villages and towns. Within the province of Córdoba, one of the most outstanding is the town of Montoro, whose countryside, typical of the Andalusian community, have conquered more than one heart. To access Montoro you have to pass through the bridge known as Puente de la Doncella. Before entering the bowels of the village, the traveler is welcomed by olive groves, pastures, mountains and, of course, the Guadalquivir River. Then, once inside its streets, in Montoro you can find historic buildings such as the church of San Bartolomé Apóstol, from the 15th century. It is also worth a visit to the Tercias building, the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen or the Old Hospital of Jesus Nazareno.



Castle of Zuheros. | Shutterstock

Zuheros is not only considered the most beautiful village of Córdoba, but competes nationally as one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Its uniqueness is partly due to its location, in the middle of the Sierra Subbética and surrounded by a rural landscape full of olive groves and crops. The typical Andalusian white houses stand out among the green surroundings, surrounded by valleys and mountains. In addition, the village has, of course, several buildings of interest. However, undoubtedly its greatest attraction lies in its nature, where the Bats cave, a geological site that gave a twist to the Andalusian prehistory, stands out.

Priego de Córdoba

Priego de córdoba

Priego. | Shutterstock

Again in the Subbética, Priego de Córdoba stands in the heart of it. This town, dotted with a large number of baroque buildings, is known as the city of water due to the large number of springs that flow close to it.


Bujalance Córdoba

Bujalance, Córdoba. | Wikimedia

One of the best characteristic features of Córdoba is the fusion that was established there between Christian and Muslim culture in those centuries in which both civilizations coexisted. A clear example of this mixture is the town of Bujalance, which preserves to perfection, starting with its own name, the Arab essence. This is also manifested in its streets and buildings. One of the main representations of this is its citadel which, with a huge square plan, is located in the middle of the village and still retains the original towers and walls of the time. You can also visit the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and the baroque church of San Francisco, both in Gothic style.

Aguilar de la Frontera

Aguilar de la Frontera

Aguilar de la Frontera. | Wikimedia

The southern part of the province of Córdoba is also not far behind in terms of beauty and charm. A good example of this is Aguilar de la Frontera. This town is a good representation of the Andalusian essence, with narrow streets and white houses in the middle of a rural environment. Its old town is one of its main attractions and simply getting lost in its streets is one of the pastimes that makes it worth visiting.


Iznájar córdoba

Iznájar. | Shutterstock

Within the Sierra Subbética is located, perched on the slopes of the reservoir that gives it its name, the village of Iznájar. This town brings together all the common spaces of the villages of Córdoba. Again, the white houses (this time accompanied by flowered facades) with an Arab touch. All around, a landscape full of crops and immersed in the delights of the Sierra Subbetica. In the interior of Iznájar, buildings such as the courtyard of Comedias or the house of Columnas, as well as the remains of the wall of the fifteenth century, located in the upper part of the village stand out. In addition, Iznájar also stands out for its handicraft tradition.

Dos Torres

Dos Torres córdoba

Sunset in Dos Torres. | Wikimedia

On the other hand, located in the valley of Los Pedroches is the village of Dos Torres, characterized by its large fields of oak and granite production. This place, as its name suggests, has as its main attraction the building of Dos Torres, in Gothic style and built in the 15th century. Dos Torres is one of the oldest villages in the area and has a lot of history to discover in its streets.

Fernán Núñez


Village of Fernán Núñez. | Wikimedia

In the middle of the large fields of vineyards of the Campiña Sur is the village of Fernán Núñez. This place has earned its reputation and the visit of all tourists who enjoy the rural for having very particular buildings that are out of the common style of the surrounding villages. One of them is the Ducal Palace, of a strong burgundy color that generates a great contrast with the white of the rest of the houses. Of neoclassical style in the 17th century, it is currently the town hall. There are also other places of interest such as the church of Santa Maria and the church of Vera Cruz.



Carcabuey. | Shutterstock

Another of the most outstanding villages within the Sierra Subbética is Carcabuey, where what stands out again is its rural landscape and its picturesque houses. For this reason, this village is an ideal place for nature lovers. However, one of the greatest attractions of Carcabuey is located away from the town center. It is the castle of the village, built in the ninth century, which monitors from the top of the hill all the people and gives it a medieval touch.

Almódovar del Río

Almodóvar del Río

Almodóvar del Río. | Shutterstock

Almodóvar del Río is the last town on this list, although it is by no means the last place of interest in the province. This town has been considered by many as one of the most beautiful in Córdoba, as it has many characteristics that make it an icon of the region. Being one of the largest towns, Almodóvar del Río boasts a beautiful natural environment near the Guadalquivir riverbed. Its white houses are distributed throughout the landscape and its castle watches from the heights of a small hill.

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