Walking along the vertiginous footbridges of Montfalcó

The Route of the Footbridges: a must see destination for lovers of hiking

Aren’t you afraid of heights? Do you want to face it? Walking along the footbridges of Montfalcó has become a must-see destination for those who bet on the adrenaline of a walk in the heights. This route has footbridges, hanging bridges and impressive landscapes along a wall 80 meters high.

This itinerary is located on the natural border between Huesca and Lleida and delimited by Nogera-Ribagorzana river. It witnesses a history that goes back many years. Inhabitants of both banks of the Sierra de Montsec had to manage to create a path that would allow them to communicate and trade before the Canelles reservoir was built in the area. The gorge was the shortest way. The route has become a must see place for those who love hiking and nature.

Walking on the footbridges of MontfalcóHelicopters were needed to build these impressive hanging footbridges. The stairs have become the main point of the route. There are 291 steps on the Aragon side, which means 83 metres high.

There is the possibility of doing other active tourism activities in the area. It is also recommended to spend the night in nature to enjoy the rich natural and monumental heritage of the area.

The gratification of reaching the top and enjoying the impressive views of a postcard-perfect-landscape will encourage you to overcome the afraid of heights. Then, you will dare to travel around the giddiest locations in Spain. What are you waiting for to discover this treasure of Spanish geography?

Walking on the footbridges of Montfalcó

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