Spanish Virtual Museums to Visit from Home

Going to a museum no longer requires being in the actual place. Although there is nothing like going through galleries and rooms discovering historical curious facts or great works of art, this is no longer the only option. Thus, it is possible to take virtual tours in some of the most important museums without having to leave your home. Quite an affordable alternative that can solve a rainy day and other situations when there is no choice but to stay at home.

Prado National Museum (Madrid)

Visita Virtual del Museo Nacional del Prado

Virtual Tour of the Prado National Museum.

The Prado Museum in Madrid is the quintessential art gallery in Spain. With more than 200 years on its shoulders, it has one of the most complete collections in the world. Its works of art cover up to the end of the 19th century, with the works of Picasso traditionally reserved for the Reina Sofía. Among the artists on display are El Greco, Titian, Rubens, Van Dyck, Hieronymus Bosch… They offer a number of tours through their website which, as well as displaying the paintings, provides the necessary information to appreciate them. Thanks to this digitalization of their collection, it is possible to go through them virtually. In addition, their social media provides interesting added value, which allows you to gradually discover their almost endless number of treasures.

Click here to virtually discover El Prado.

National Archaeological Museum (Madrid)

Visita Virtual del Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Virtual Tour of the National Archaeological Museum.

Next to the National Library, one of the most beautiful in Madrid, is the physical headquarters of the National Archaeological Museum. It houses a huge collection that allows you to travel back in time from prehistoric times. Thus, you can get to know the cultures that have shaped the country, from the Neolithic to the medieval ones, including the classics. Among its pieces there are wonders such as the Bicha de Bazalote or the Dama de Elche. Fortunately, its virtual tour is one of the best you can find. There is also an interesting mobile application that lets you review it through panoramic views.

Discover this virtual tour by clicking on this link.

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Visita Virtual del Museo Ciencias Naturales de Barcelona

Virtual Tour of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona.

As well as the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona is a perfect option for children. A very diverse and scientific review of the best of nature. In this case, the virtual visit comes from an initiative between the institution from Barcelona and Google. Between them they have created a digital site that goes through a digital map, reports and photographs of the area.

Here you have this virtual tour.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Visita Virtual del Museo Bellas Artes de Bilbao

Virtual Tour of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

If bad luck prevents you from going to Bilbao that is not a problem. Its Fine Arts Museum, one of the most important in the Basque Country, is very complete and can be visited online. Thus, a 360 camera allows you to follow its rooms freely or following recommended itineraries. Among its masterpieces are paintings by Goya, Ignacio Zuloaga and other great artists from Spain and abroad.

Take an online tour of the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts here.

Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Madrid)

A spectacular museum was created from the private collection of paintings in Spain thanks to the government’s acquisition of it. It was named after the former owner, the Thyssen-Bornemisza family. Nowadays it is one of the three great museums of Madrid, together with the Prado and the Reina Sofía. A trio that monopolizes much of the visits of those who travel to one of the cultural capitals of the country. In addition to its physical rooms, it offers extensive digital possibilities. These go from video reviews to VR experiences. All you have to do is go to its website and immerse yourself in a great educational experience.

These links lead to the virtual tours and multimedia of the museum.

Oceanogràfic (Valencia)

Visita Virtual al Oceanogràfic

Virtual Tour of the Oceanogràfic.

Do you like the sea and its creatures but you can’t leave land? No problem. The Oceanogràfic of Valencia allows you to see its different enclosures and rooms in a very detailed way thanks to a virtual reality review. In a very intuitive way you can “walk” its streets and widen the information through photos. A map allows you to jump from one side to another quickly. Sharks, seals, flamingos, tropical fish… Everything is just a click away!

This link lets you virtually visit the Oceanogràfic.

Dalí Museum (Figueres)

Visita Virtual del Museo Dalí

Virtual Tour of the Dalí Museum.

It’s time to go to Catalonia through the Internet, specifically to Figueres. There, a very peculiar museum was opened in 1974. The main character of the museum, Salvador Dalí, was in charge of creating it on the local theatre of Girona. The result is a place that allows you to explore the work of the surrealist artist in a unique way. Its website offers several 360º views and exhaustive information about the collection, which can be visited from your living room.

Virtually tour the Dalí Museum-Theatre by clicking on this link.

Picasso Museum (Málaga)

Visita virtual a la colección del Museo Picasso de Málaga

Virtual Tour of the collection of the Picasso Museum in Málaga.

One of the greatest icons of art in Spain stars in this museum located in his hometown, Málaga. The collection it presents is one of the most extensive about Picasso in the world. Very recent, from 1993, it is used to conserve a great quantity of the works of this international artist. As for its digital part, it is not as interactive as other museum sites, but it is worth it. A review through the chronology of Picasso’s artistic development allows to easily get to know his work.

This is the virtual collection of the Picasso Museum in Málaga.

Picasso Museum (Barcelona)

Visita Virtual del Museo Picasso Barcelona

Virtual Tour of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

You can’t mention the previous museum without bringing up this one. In this case, the attention is focused on Picasso’s training stage, which lets you know him from the inside out. The collection is the largest in existence and is well collected on the institution’s website. In addition, virtual itineraries are suggested that allow visitors to get to know the courtyards of the buildings that make up the area and the Barcelona associated with the genius of the capital of ‘la Costa del Sol’.

Here you have the links to the collection and virtual itineraries of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Madrid)

Visita Virtual a la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

Virtual Tour of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

This institution was born in the early stages of the Bourbon monarchy in Spain. Its development came from initiatives from the time of Philip V, brought to life thanks to Ferdinand VI. This led to one of the country’s great artistic institutes. The San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts developed considerably with Charles III and his heirs. It survived the republican periods, already established as a centre of reference, and now has an extensive collection. This can be seen perfectly thanks to the great virtual tour they have created. It is very well designed, as it could not be otherwise, and combines static panoramic views with 360 mapping to go through its different floors.

This is the virtual tour of the Royal Academy.

Reina Sofía National Museum (Madrid)

Visita Virtual al Reina Sofía

Virtual Tour of the Reina Sofía.

If both the Prado and the Thyssen are on the list, the Reina Sofía could not be missed. It is an extension of the former, but this one focuses on modern art. This line was drawn in Picasso, but has become somewhat outdated. His masterpiece is the famous Guernica. In any case, its collection is very dynamic and lets you know the recent history of art. An opportunity that can also be enjoyed online. As well as its two companions, it has a complete digital alternative that includes a variety of multimedia video or audio clips and access to its collection.

Here is the link to tour the Reina Sofía Reina Sofía online.


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