The 4 most impressive Spanish deserts

Are you ready to explore the most impressive Spanish deserts? In this article we will make a trip through the 4 deserts that you must visit. The immensity of these landscapes will make you feel as small as a sand grain and will leave you totally fascinated.

1. Las Bárdenas Reales (Navarre and Aragón)

Among so much mountainous and green landscapes as the ones in Navarre and Aragon, we will find the Bárdenas Reales. This semidesert area has more than 41,000 hectares and borders on thirteen municipalities in Navarre and three in Aragon. The erosion of its clay, sandstone and gypsum soils creates surprising shapes with unevenness of up to 400 meters. This means that its formations have hosted multiple film shootings such as the Game of Thrones series. It has scarce vegetation and water currents that remain dry most of the year. Certainly a good way of starting this tour through the best Spanish deserts.

zonas deserticas impresionantes espana

2. The Gorafe Desert (Andalusia)

The second stop is in Andalusia, specifically in the Gorafe desert in Granada. This Spanish desert area is divided into two clearly differentiated parts that create a landscape of contrasts. The western area is notable for its reddish tones and large canyons of up to 150 meters. The eastern part, on the other hand, has a much more polished appearance dominated by white clays.  The 240 dolmens that make up the largest concentration of prehistoric burial mounds in Spain make the Gorafe a site of special interest.

zonas deserticas impresionantes espana

3. Los Monegros (Aragon)

Los Monegros, in the Ebro Valley, is another of the most outstanding Spanish desert areas. It has a great biological richness and special characteristics that make it unique in Europe. It extends over some 274,400 hectares of desert between Zaragoza and Huesca. More than 5,400 unique species inhabit this territory, a number higher than any other known European habitat. It is recognized as a very unique landscape, unique in Europe, so you can imagine the impressive landscapes that make up.

zonas deserticas impresionantes espana

4. Tabernas Desert (Andalusia)

Immortalized since the 60s by multiple filmmakers, we find the Tabernas desert just 30 kilometers from Almería. It is considered the only desert area in Europe and offers a tremendously impressive and breathtaking landscape. It covers about 280 kilometers and presents a relief known as “bad-land” formed by several ravines and canyons. In addition to its scenic and geological interest, it is of great botanical and wildlife value.

zonas deserticas impresionantes espana

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