The most beautiful river sources in Spain

If you do not live near the beach or have a swimming pool, the river is one of the best options to cool down. Nature is the element that differentiates them from the rest, allowing one to be in contact with the magic of the forests and their fauna. The rivers surround you in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, where you can only hear the sound of the current, the birds and the branches falling from the trees. If you want to enjoy a landscape and a unique experience with nature, we recommend some of the most beautiful river sources in Spain.

Tagus River

1,030 km. make the Tagus River the longest in the peninsula. Sierra de Albarracín, in Teruel, is the source of the river. The monument that honours the three provinces through which the river passes in its first kilometres stands out: Teruel, Cuenca and Guadalajara.

It is an area surrounded by meadows, pine forests and wild animals such as deer and roe deer, which run freely through the natural space. At the same time, everything is signposted and prepared for visitors who want to enjoy the source of the river.

Nacimiento de ríos
Source of the River Tagus

Ebro River

The River Ebro is the second longest in Spain, with 930 km. in length, as well as the most voluminous. It originates from the River Híjar, but in the past it was said that it was born in the town of Fontibre, in Cantabria. The source of the river is in a natural setting. The area has been adapted for people who want to visit it, with a car park and a clear area to have a picnic.

Nacimiento de ríos
Source of the River Ebro

We cannot forget that the Ebro is an entry point to the French Way in Logroño, so if you are a pilgrim and want to take a day off, you can visit this great natural landscape.

Urederra River

But not only big rivers have the privilege of having a magnificent source. The River Urederra has its source in Navarre, in Sierra de Urbasa, being a short river of only 20 kilometres. However, the first metres of this river are one of the most beautiful in our country. It is considered a Natural Reserve, surrounded by pine and holm oak forests, and has a rich aquatic fauna in which otters and minks stand out.

What makes this place characteristic is the emerald-coloured water of the waterfalls and the river, giving it a magical and legendary aspect.

Nacimiento de ríos
Source of the River Urederra

Mundo River

The source of the Mundo River is a place that attracts the most intrepid. The waterfall from which it is born has its origin in a cave: the cave of Los Chorros. To go up to it you must ask permission and have experience, as it is not an easy terrain to walk on.

Nacimiento de ríos
Source of the Mundo River

Located in Albacete, in the town of Riópar, the area around the river has a hiking route of approximately one hour in which you can enjoy the natural beauty of this Castilian river.

Huéznar River

The Guadalquivir is one of Seville‘s best-known rivers, but are you familiar with the Huéznar? It is one of the largest rivers in the province, with one of the most beautiful sources. It is located in San Nicolás del Puerto, specifically in Vereno, an area of forest that is home to elms, poplars and alders.

Apart from visiting it because of its beauty, this area is ideal to enjoy a trip into nature with the family, as it has adapted paths, as well as wooden tables and bridges.

Nacimiento de ríos
Source of the River Huéznar

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