7 amazing lighthouses in Spain

There are many kinds of lighthouses in our country; and they all have something in common: they embellish the sea facing them. However, it is true that some of them are more beautiful than the rest. This is why today we would like to show you 7 amazing lighthouses in Spain. Now it is up to you to decide which one is the most beautiful.


Tower of Hercules

This one is located in A Coruña, famous by being the only Roman lighthouse in the world, which still works. It is the third highest lighthouse in Spain (57 meters). You can visit it, but get ready to walk up the 234 stairs to lead you to one of the most gorgeous views in our fascinating country.


Peñíscola Lighthouse

This lighthouse, located in Peñíscola, was open in 1899. Definitely, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Mediterranean coast. It is next to Pope Luna castle, so those who love history cannot miss it. Besides, this lighthouse can boast appearing in a movie, Calabuch (1956) directed by Luis García-Berlanga.


Formentor Lighthouse

The northernmost point of the coast of Mallorca, Formentor Cape, offers us this spectacular lighthouse. It is part of the hiking routes nearby, such as the Tramuntana Mountain Range. You can even spot the beauty of the neighbor Menorca when the sky is bright and no clouds impede such a dream view.


Punta Orchilla Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in El Hierro. Punta Orchilla was considered for centuries the end of the world before discovering America. Thus, some people claimed that it was the first meridian until scholars came up with Greenwich. It is an invaluable experience to enjoy the sunset here.


Chipiona Lighthouse

This construction, symbol of Chipiona (Cádiz), is the highest lighthouse in Spain, third in Europe and fifth in the world (62 meters). It was built to point out the mouth of the River Guadalquivir. In order to enjoy the spectacular view from the top of this lighthouse, you need to climb 300 stairs. ‘No pain, no gain’, they say…


La Plata Lighthouse

You can only have access to this lighthouse on foot. It is located in Pasajes de San Juan (Guipuzcoa). This spot takes a siilver-like aspect when the sun hits on it. You can enjoy the marvelous cliffs of the Basque coast. Many pilgrims visit this lighthouse on the way to Santiago.


Castro Urdiales Lighthouse

Built upon one of the towers of the Santa Ana castle, this lighthouse offers a gorgeous view of Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), the village where it is located. It is next to Santa María church, a Gothic construction worth a visit as well!

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