5 train trips you cannot miss in Spain

Travelling by train is a great way of exploring Spain. Indeed, it can be an interesting alternative to get to know such a diverse and multicultural country, encompassing vastly different landscapes and natural settings. One might discover these by train too, with the unique peace we find in the gentle clatter produced by the railroad tracks. It is always a pleasure to look out the window and simply relax, without responsibilities, just being present and perceiving the world opening up before our eyes. Considering all that, these train trips in Spain will take us on a perfect journey through the most beautiful corners of the country.

A train trip through the green north: from A Coruña to León

Red cliffs rising from a forest area

Las Médulas, a fascinating landscape in the province of León. | Shutterstock

We can cross the whole length of Galicia in only five hours, passing by some places that are essential to understand its personality. Before we step on the train, we might want to visit A Coruña, the perfect city for enjoying culture, nature and history, along with the formidable Tower of Hercules, which dates back to the 1st century and still dominates the Galician coast.

When we arrive at León, we should spend the right amount of time admiring every detail of its extraordinary cathedral. We cannot miss Casa Botines either, one of the greatest works of Antoni Gaudí outside Catalonia. All in all, this is one of the best train trips in Spain for those who wish to dive into the unparalleled beauty of the north.

From Donostia-San Sebastián to Valladolid: a train trip full of contrasts

A russet field under the blue sky

The colours of Castile. | Shutterstock

The green north will bewitch us once more on this train trip that goes from Donostia-San Sebastián to Valladolid, although its bright colours will progressively fade away as we get close to the plateau of Castile and León. In turn, the beautiful fields of Castile and León are painted with russet strokes, completely different from the Basque landscapes we departed from. If we have some time before leaving Donostia, we should enjoy a nice walk through the streets of a magnificent city that used to be called “The Southern Paris”. On our way to Valladolid, we will be able to see cities like Vitoria-Gasteiz or Burgos, whose lively atmosphere might surprise the traveller.

A train trip from Barcelona to Madrid, perhaps the most popular one

Snowy mountains

Moncayo is one of the landscapes we can enjoy in Zaragoza. | Shutterstock

The train connecting Barcelona and Madrid is one of the busiest ones in the peninsula. They are always improving these railway tracks, which allows us not only to cross Catalonia, but also to travel through Aragon, including a stop in Zaragoza, as well as the province of Guadalajara. Four autonomous communities in only one journey. The departing point will of course be Barcelona, an always cosmopolitan and modernist city.  Our destination: Madrid, the great capital city, with its many cultural activities and impressive buildings such as the Royal Palace. Barcelona and Madrid are two cities which share many aspects, and yet they both have their own nuances that   end up defining two completely different personalities.

Train to Alicante: from Madrid to the beach

A harbour with ships, palm trees and white buildings

Alicante on the Mediterranean coast. | Shutterstock

The train connecting Madrid with Alicante has become quite popular, considering it allows us to get to the beach in under three hours. This way, one can go from the largest city in Spain to Alicante, a constantly growing city next to the Mediterranean Sea, with the castle of Santa Bárbara looking after its inhabitants. Castile La Mancha will once again be the leading character on this journey connecting both cities, although this time we will be exploring the lands of Cuenca and Albacete. From the great capital to La Mancha, ending up on the Mediterranean shores. Another train trip full of contrasts.

From Madrid to Málaga: a bite of the south

A field with some olive trees and windmills in the background

A typical landscape in Castile La Mancha. | Shutterstock

We can also reach the capital of the Costa del Sol departing from Madrid, crossing Quixote’s lands and diving into the colours of the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real. At some point, the Andalusian border will open up to offer us an ephemeral bite of Córdoba. We say it is ephemeral because the journey from Madrid to Málaga is only three hours long, but we will cross Córdoba from side to side. This is one of those train trips where one can enjoy the view of the different landscapes of Spain. Once in Málaga, we can simply embrace the warmth of this land, its stunning buildings like the 11th century Alcazaba, and of course, its gorgeous beaches. At the end of the day, this is one of the best train trips one can enjoy in Spain.

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