Culinary Route through Castilla La Mancha

In this culinary route through Castilla La Mancha choosing only one dish is hard.  La Mancha cuisine is extensive and all its recipes have components of flavor and spice that give each dish its own unmistakable taste. In addition to our detailed recommendations, if you travel down to Castilla La Mancha do not forget to buy manchego cheese, try the migas and enjoy the terrific lamb stew. If you go in the summer the manchegao pistachio and manchego dough will be your best friends. And if you are looking for dishes with history we recommend you ask for duelos and quebrantos.


cabrito asado barrena

This town belongs to the province of Guadalajara and brings you a filling dish: el cabrito asado a la barreña (the kid roasted to the bowl). This name refers to the clay pot it is prepared in. The meat is prepared for hours in the low heat of a firewood oven.  A typical delicacy of this culinary route through Castilla La Mancha that you cannot miss! In Guadalajara, we also encourage you to stop by La Alcarria, where you can enjoy artisan cheeses and honey production.


morteruelo manchego

If you pass through Cañete the morteruelo is a stew that you cannot miss. Typical in all of Cuenca, this dish made with pork liver is one of the most demanded in the province. The stew also incorporates breadcrumbs and spices. All the ingredients are crushed in a mortar; its name comes from this tool. In some places, it is prepared with meat acquired from hunting. If you’re in the mood for dessert, try the alajú, a delicious sweet cake typical of Cuenca. Are morteruelo and alajú in the culinary route through Castilla La Mancha? Of course!



The next stop is found in Tobarra, Albacete. Although Albacete has a slew of typical dishes, one of the most symbolic is the atascaburras.  It is typically eaten when it is colder, but because of its taste it is recommended throughout the year. This dish finds its origins with the shepherds of the region, who took it when they left with their flock. It is also known as ajoarriero or ajomortero. Its ingredients are boiled egg, cod, potatoes and walnuts. And don’t forget the olive oil!


tojunto manchego

In this city of Ciudad Real awaits the tocrúo, also known in all the province as tojunto manchego. In this culinary route through Castilla La Mancha you can expect a dish with rabbit (or cow) and vegetables. It is served well-cooked previously prepared in a clay pot. Its preparation is very simple since it is a recipe of humble origin. Like the Spanish saying goes: el tojunto se escribe junto y se guisa separado (the tojunto is made together and cooked separate). Delicious!


mazapan manchego

And finally we have arrived at Sonseca, a town in the province of Toledo, to eat the richest of Christmas desserts, el mazapán. Although typical during Christmas time, in Toledo they are a traditional sweet that is impossible to resist, no matter the time of year. Its ingredients? Almonds and sugar. Make the most of your trip and also try the perdices estofadas or escabechadas, the latter can be eaten cold during the summer. This is another local dish with lots of flavor.

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