Sleep in Zugarramurdi

Sleep in Zugarramurdi

Zugarramurdi is known as the witch village because in 1610 an inquisitorial process was carried out in which several of its neighbors were accused of witchcraft. If you want to know where to sleep in Zugarramurdi, a charming village, we recommend you to keep reading.

Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi
Cueva zugarramurdi
Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi
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The accommodation offer in Zugarramurdi is composed by a lot of rural houses around the old town and its closest surroundings. Inside the village is Tomasenea, a traditional house that has all the amenities you will need to guarantee a good stay. Its facilities are charming and comfortable. The rooms are complete.

Another option to sleep in Zugarramurdi is Martienea. It is a rural apartment that has rooms with heating system and free Wi-Fi. It is located in a wonderful environment with good views and the quality-price ratio is incredible.

We also have a cheaper and more informal recommendation to sleep in Zugarramurdi, the albergue Graxiana. It is located in a privileged geographical and historical place, just 300 metres away from the famous caves of Zugarramurdi. It is the only hostel decorated with witchcraft theme. There are two possibilities: You can stay in one of the 9 rooms in the hostel, you will have to sleep in bunks. You can also stay in one of the 4 rooms in the rural house. These rooms are private and they have TV and bathroom. The decoration is gorgeous and surprising.

Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi
Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi

If you prefer to sleep in Zugarramurdi surroundings, the offer is wide. In first place, we recommend you the rural house Haitzetxea, it is located just 2km away from the urban center of Zugarramurdi. It is a mountain construction of tillage composed by three floors that have fully equipped rooms and quality services including a large outdoor terrace that offers spectacular views of its natural environment, as well as several hectares of land with animals.

In the close town Etxale is the rural house Olagaraia. It has a modern style. It is a 17th century house offering 5 rooms that are rented separately. It can boast of being a very bright accommodation whose common space is a room with a fireplace. This is a good option to sleep in Zugarramurdi and its surroundings.

Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi
Dónde dormir en Zugarramurdi

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