Eating in Zugarramurdi

Eating in Zugarramurdi

The gastronomy from Navarra is full of different dishes and recipes, reason why eating in Zugarramurdi offers visitors an excellent cuisine. If you like meat, here you will be able to try some varieties. Are you coming with us?

Zugarramurdi is one of the northern villages of the region of Navarra, only a few kilometers away from the frontier with France. The geographic situation is the base of the lifestyle, economy and gastronomy of this town, reason why elements from both sides of the frontier can be appreciated in here. The most popular meats are the calf and lamb, the first one if eaten grilled and the second roasted. Each August the 18th, the Zikiro Jate is celebrated in the caves of Zugarramurdi, a popular party where around 50 lambs are roasted in stakes in front of the neighbors and visitors.

As the main influence of the French cuisine, the duck meat is very common when eating in Zugarramurdi. When it is the right season, the collection of mushrooms in the forests from the surroundings becomes an activity that is translated into the local cuisine. Finally, the elaboration of cheese and cuajadas of sheep’s milk is very common, and both are perfect options to finish your meal in Zugarramurdi.

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If you are looking for tapas in Zugarramurdi, the counter of Marixan Ostatua is the right option for you. It has a broad variety and a quality gastronomy offer. Delicious bocadillos are also served.

comer zugarramurdi restaurante marixan ostatua
Restaurante Marixan Ostatua
comer zugarramurdi restaurante marixan ostatua
Restaurante Marixan Ostatua

The options of places to eat in Zugarramurdi are strongly linked to the character and the lands of this region from the north of Navarra. The restaurant Kattalin is one of the most popular ones due to a cuisine with a strong local essence, offered through their carte or in many special menus.

Azketa is another restaurant you should consider if you are eating in Zugarramurdi: homemade food, simple and traditional, made with autochthonous products of great quality and local production.

Herriko Jatetxea is a place that prepares a classic cuisine, following the traditional recipes from these lands. It is also possible to taste the influences of the French tradition in here.

comer zugarramurdi restaurante kattalin
Restaurante Kattalin
comer zugarramurdi restaurante herriko jatetxea
Restaurante Herriko Jatetxea

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