Eating in Tafalla

Eating in Tafalla

Eating in Tafalla gives visitors the opportunity of trying different dishes from the gastronomy of Navarra, such as the lamb al chilindrón. This is also the perfect place to enjoy quality and delicious products. Come with us!

The gastronomy of Tafalla is strongly connected to fresh vegetable garden products and is known for having a simple cuisine. This reminds us about the traditional flavors from our grandmother’s recipes. The proximity to the fertile vegetable gardens from the south is the reason why artichokes, aspargus with I.G.P. Navarra and pepers are common. With these ingredients, dishes such as the ratatouille and menestras are made, usually served with olive oil and potato.

Between the famous traditional recipes from the village, the most popular ones are the ajoarriero from Navarra, the pochas with quail, the lamb al chilindrón, the grilled ribs, the trout from Navarra, the potato calderete with meat and many other dishes that have been transmiyted between generations. You will also find a huge variety of pork embutidos (sausage), which are always present in the gastronomic offer of the restaurants of the village.

Complete your experience with a good local wine, such as the D.O. Navarra, D.O. Pago de Arízano, D.O. Pago de Otazu and D.O. Prado de Irache. Regarding the desserts, don’t leave without trying the delicious ensaimadas, the leche frita, the puff pastry pies and the peach with wine.

esparragos navarra

Pinchos and small pots. That is what you will find in the bar Pasadizo, a welcoming and traditional place. The bar Nuevo Hostaf offers good tapas and pinchos, such as the mushrooms and snails.

comer tafalla bar pasadizo
Bar Pasadizo
comer tafalla bar nuevo hostaf
Bar Nuevo Hostaf

There are many good places to eat while in Tafalla. El Tubal is one of the main places of the village thanks to its menu, which is specialized in food from Navarra, made with quality ingredients and with an amazing presentation. Try the cannelloni of cuttlefish, the patorrillo and the incredible ajoarriero. You will be surprised.

Located in one of the most typical places from the ancient center of Tafalla, the bar-restaurant La Peña is specialized in grilled meats and traditional stews from Navarra, as well as homemade desserts.

Another famous place from Olite is Gambarte, a place where a seasonal cuisine that follows the culinary tradition from Navarra is prepared, focusing on meats and vegetables locally produced.

The grill house Coto Valdorna is known for being specialized in hunting meat and for its regional gastronomy, apart from the amazing panoramic views it has.

comer tafalla restaurante coto valdrova
Restaurante Coto Valdrova
comer tafalla restaurante pena
Restaurante La Peña

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