Eating in Monreal

Eating in Monreal

Local recipes and quality products are waiting for you if you come to Monreal. The bars and restaurants from the small village will surprise you. If you like embutidos (sausage) this is also the perfect opportunity to take some home. Are you coming with us?

Close to the fertile areas of the riverbank from the south of Navarra, the gastronomy of Monreal is strongly influenced by the products that are cultivated there. Artichokes, peas, peppers, borage, sprouts and other similar ingredients are popular when eating in Monreal. The menestra, very common in other close villages, is also highly appreciated in here. The famous pochas de Sangüesa is another product that, due to its proximity, is very common in the menus of the restaurants of Monreal.

Regarding the meats, the calf, lamb and the chicken, along with many different varieties of traditional embutidos made with pork meat, share the main place with the traditional recipes of the region made with hunting meat. Due to the fact that Monreal is an interior area, some of the common fish species here are the trout and the cod, which can be found as an ingredient in dishes such as the ajoarriero. To complete the experience of eating in Monreal, we recommend you to try some of the wines with D.O. of the region.

plato monreal
pochas monreal

Even though there are not many places to eat in Monreal, this small town from Navarra has a broad offer composed by restaurants such as El Centro, a modern place that has menus with great prices, as well as delicious bocadillos, pinchos and other great options.

Clos to the restaurant you will find La Txikita, another place where you can eat in Monreal. It offers complete menus, combination dishes, bocadillos and pinchos.

Comer Monreal bar txikita
Bar Txikita
Comer Monreal bar centro
Bar El Centro

Only 13 kilometers away from the village, following the Way to Santiago and close to Tiebas, the restaurant Casa Tere is located, a place of a long professional career that has many different installations and special menus.

Comer Monreal restaurante casa tere
Restaurante Casa Tere

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