Eating in Lumbier

Eating in Lumbier

Eating in Lumbier is the perfect opportunity to try some delicious dishes such as the lamb al chilindrón. Also, in this village you will find many quality products with which the recipes are cooked. Are you coming with us?

There is a lot to eat in Lumbier, a small city that is known for a cuisine based on the most classical ideas from the traditional recipes of Navarra. The legumes are of a great quality – species such as the green beans, the asparagus with I.G.P Navarra, the borage and the chard. The calf and the lamb are the most popular meats from the area. The sirloin and the large cow steak, along with the lamb al chilindrón, cooked with the Oil de Navarra with D.O.P., pepper sauce, onion, garlic and tomato, are also well known in here.

From the traditional embutidos (sausage) made with pork’s meat, the chistorra is the one that represents the community the most, and it is also usual to have it in the kitchens and tables of Lumbier. Some other traditional recipes from Navarra are the cod al ajoarriero, the trout with ham and the legumes stews with hunting meat. The wine with D.O. Navarra is also produced in Lumbier, a drink that is perfect to enjoy along any meal. You will also be able to find other great wines of the region, such as the D.O. Pago de Arízano, the D.O. Pago de Otazu and the D.O. Prado de Irache, all of them of an excellent quality.

guiso lumbier

Is you want to eat tapas in Lumbier, this town has many different bars where you will be able to find examples of their miniature cuisine. Some of them are Bureli, with tapas and portions, and La Tieta, where the delicious migas de pastor are served.

comer lumbier bar tieta
Bar La Tieta
comer lumbier bar bureli
Bar Bureli

There are many options of places to eat in Lumbier. The restaurant Bodegas de Azpea is one of the most popular places in town; it has a big dining room with a traditional decoration where typical dishes from Navarra are served, all of them made with great quality.

Another winery that also has a great restaurant is Forka, a classic when eating in Lumbier. Their specialty if the barbecues cooked in wood ovens, but they never forget about other traditional recipes from these lands.

Iru Bide is a restaurant located in the hotel with the same name, a place to enjoy a good cuisine where traditional and contemporary techniques are mixed.

comer lumbier restaurante iru bide
Restaurante Iru Bide
comer lumbier restaurante forka
Restaurante Forka
comer lumbier restaurante azpea
Restaurante Azpea

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