Eating in Javier

Eating in Javier

Javier is a village and municipality of 100 inhabitants. The gastronomy of this little town is full of traditional recipes from Navarra and local, quality products. If you decide to eat in Javier, the calf and the legumes are out main recommendations. 

The birth place of Saint Francisco de Javier has a gastronomy based on the culinary tradition from the Pre-Pyrenees areas of Navarra. The legumes of the close vegetable gardens, such as the Asparagus with I.G.P. Navarra, are used to prepare rattatouille and menestras, while the legumes, such as the pocha beans, are used in stews and soups, usually served with rabbit and quail, which are very popular when eating in Javier.

The migas de pastor and the ajoarriero are other common dishes from the villages located in the frontier with Aragón, a community where these specialties are also present. The calf and the lamb, greatly appreciated in Navarra, compose the base of a meat offer that is completemented with embutidos (sausage) and other pork byproducts. Regarding the desserts, the rosquillas are famous in Javier, specially when the fires of Christmas Eve are lighted after the Midnight Mass. Everything there is to eat in Javier can be completed with some of the wine products of these lands, such as the wine D.O. Navarra, the D.O. Pago de Arízano, D.O. Pago de Otazu and D.O. Prado de Irache.

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Visit our “A la carte” section to discover more about the bars and restaurants from Javier. 

Even if the offer of restaurants in Javier is really reduced, the ones that exist are attractive and serve delicious food. The restaurant from the hotel El Mesón is a popular place thanks to its cuisine, which prepares traditional dishes with products locally produced. Their dining rooms are very big, reason why it is easy to find an empty table in here or celebrate wedding banquets, communion and other events. For these occasions, the restaurant offers a special menu. The bar also has a pinchos menu.

The hotel Xabier is another recommendable place when eating in Javier. The cuisine is homemade, with a strong local essence and made with fresh products. They have a daily menu and a carte, apart from special offers for big groups and special celebrations, of family and business character, thanks to the big capacity of its dining rooms.

comer javier restaurante meson
Restaurante El Mesón
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Restaurante Xavier

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