Eating in Fitero

Eating in Fitero

The food that you will undoubtedly come across on your trip to Fitero is an experience in itself. The food grown from its gardens and the livestock raised in its pastures are of the highest quality. Amazing!

The gastronomy of Fitero is clearly linked to the location of the town: it is in the frontier with La Rioja and watered by the Alhama River, which allows the development of the fertile vegetable garden that grows in the surroundings. Asparagus from Navarra, Artichokes from Tudela, both with I.G.P., beans and other species grow in here as the products of a cuisine that is known for its menestras, stuffed peppers and other vegetable specialties, perfect to eat in Fitero. The most popular meats are the calf, lamb and pork, the last one in the shape of embutidos (sausage).

There are many local specialties such as the potatoes a la navarra, served in squares after being roasted with garlic, parsley and pork. The rancho of potatoes and meat is a popular dish from the village, and it is celebrated during the Saint Festivities, when it is cooked in front of the public. The empanada de Fitero is usually prepared when the Ascencion is coming. It is a circle piece, stuffed with egg, chorizo and rabbit meat.

If you want to finish your experience in Fitero, try the delicious desserts from the town. The tejas de Fitero, the glorias del Císter and the mirlos fiteranos are amazing. The wine is always present in many wineries that produce excellent stews, such as the wine D.O. Navarra, D.O. Pago de Arínzano, D.O. Pago de Otazu and D.O. Prado de Irache.

asado fitero
empanada chorizo

There are few options for tapas in Fitero. However, we highly recommend visiting our “A la carte” section to read about where and what to eat.

Even though there are not a lot of restaurants in Fitero, the village has some good options that compose the offer of the gastronomy of the region. La Fiterana is the main restaurant of the town. It is a quality place with a long professional career, where a cuisine that follows contemporary techniques and the tradition from Navarra is prepared.

The bar San Antonio is another option you should consider if you want to eat in Fitero. Due to is traditional cuisine, made with fresh ingredients that are produced locally, this place is a success. Perfect to order some tapas.

comer fitero restaurante fiterana
Restaurante La Fiterana
comer fitero restaurante san antonio
Restaurante San Antonio

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