Eating in Artajona

Eating in Artajona

This municipality and village from the Comunidad Foral de Navarra is the perfect place to enjoy from some delicious asparagus to a tasty lamb dish. Are you coming with us to discover the gastronomy of Artajona?

The village of Artajona, famous for its medieval walls and its interesting historical past, has a gastronomic tradition that follows the essence of the central valleys from Navarra. The cuisine of the town is based on recipes that are transmitted from parents to children, in which the natural ingredients are the base to the cooking of any dish. The village has many famous products such as the tomatoes from Artajona, the oil from Navarra with D.O.P., the asparagus from Navarra with I.G.P. and artisan embutidos (sausage) such as the chorizo and the chistorra.

The most eaten meat is the calf and the lamb, but it is also very common to consume meat from other species from the world of hunting. In the menus from the local restaurants we can find many typical dishes from de gastronomy of Navarra such as the ajoarriero, the vegetables ratatouille and the trout with ham, all of them very popular when eating in Artajona. Many good wine products are produced in here, such as the wines with D.O. Navarra, Pago de Arínzano, Pago de Otazu and Prado de Irache. The Encuentros con la Historia, one of the most famous celebrations in the town, is the perfect occasion to enjoy the variety of food there is to eat in the beautiful village of Artajona.

plato artajona

If you want to have tapas for your lunch or meal, we suggest you to take a look at our “A la carte” section, as the restaurants we recommend also serve tapas and pinchos.

Even though there are not many restaurants to eat in Artajona, the quality of the ones that exist demonstrates the excellent gastronomic offer from the village. Kutximangi is one of the main restaurants of the village. Located right in the middle of the historic center, it serves a homemade cuisine that follows the tradition from these lands. It has a broad dining room, a terrace and a bar with a good pinchos counter.

Another good place to eat in Artajona is the restaurant Asador El Cerco, where a traditional cuisine is prepared with fresh and quality products; the installations also have a bar where it is possible to eat tapas.

comer artajona restaurante kutximangi
Restaurante Kutximangi
comer artajona asador cerco
Asador El Cerco

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