Eating in Valdesquí

Eating in Valdesquí

Since 1972 Valdesquí squi resort has become a benchmark for skiing in Madrid. Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, it has facilities adapted to guarantee a complete sporting experience for all its visitors. But … what about the gastronomic experience? Eating in Valdesquí will allow you to regain strength for the rest of the day.

There is much to eat in Valdesquí and its surroundings. The cuisine of this area is pure mountain essence, strongly linked to the products of the land and based on the existence of a seasonal recipe that has great exponents in figures such as mushrooms, mushrooms and game meats, all of them protagonists of several gastronomic days celebrated during the year. For the rest, the beef and lamb, as well as the traditional sausages and various traditional stews complete the imaginary of everything that has to be eaten in Valdesquí. The cheeses produced in the area, as well as the honey collected in the surroundings and the vegetables from the fertile orchards around the station are also products of high quality. In the pastry section, to finish eating in Valdesquí we can try a wide range of classic desserts such as torrijas, fried milk or custard.

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Apart from the catering services of the station itself, in the vicinity of Valdesquí it is possible to find good bars located in some locations such as Cercedilla or Rascafría, which concentrates the largest number of establishments in the area.

In Cercedilla is Coyote Jazz, noted for the great variety of craft beers and for a delicious meal. The spicy morcilla de Zamora, the homemade nachos, the foie, the potato omelet … Also, if you’re lucky, at night there is live music. You can also get close to La Curva and taste good appetizers in abundant quantities.

In Rascafría Tascafría is ideal for a beer and the tapas that accompany it. You can eat toast.

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comer valdesqui coyote jazz
Coyote Jazz

To find good restaurants you should also go to Rascafría, 23 km from the ski resort.

On the outskirts of the town is Los Claveles, which offers a cuisine based on stews, meats, game and other local specialties by letter and a wide selection of special menus and groups.

La Abuela is another good option to eat in this mountain town, especially for its wide variety of meats and traditional stews made with raw materials of regional origin and quality contrasted. It has options for groups and private events.

Caldea is a rural look and cut barbecue where it is easy to find an attractive seasonal menu that offers native root and traditional-cut products; It has a wide selection of meats, but also fish and all kinds of mountain products.

El Candil is another recommended restaurant to eat in Valdesquí without leaving Rascafría. Its menu is also classic and Serrano, as well as the ingredients and products that form it, all of them of good quality and local origin.

comer valdesqui claveles
Los Claveles
comer valdesqui candil
El Candil

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