Eating in the Retiro and Barrio de Salamanca

Eating in the Retiro and Barrio de Salamanca

The Barrio Salamanca has always stood out for its architecture, in the shape of a checkerboard, and the elegance and beauty of its facades. Built in the 19th century at the initiative of the Marquis of Salamanca, this area housed the aristocratic and bourgeois classes of the Spanish capital during the 20th century.

Currently the Barrio Salamanca has ceased to be an exclusively residential area to give way to other activities such as business or commercial. Highlights in its streets are luxurious fashion stores, as well as a restaurant where you can taste from the typical dishes of Madrid to the last shout of fusion cuisine.

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With a pleasant terrace, Cinco Jotas restaurant offers exquisite dishes in the middle of Serrano street. This business is famous for its ham, acclaimed for its optimum quality, although the truth is that all its dishes are delicious.

If you want to eat in a modern and healthy place you will like Panela & CO. Its breakfasts and salads are spectacular, and also the business offers various options veggie, detox, etc. Ideal to take care of the line and eat healthy in the heart of Madrid.

Located at number 54 on Padilla Street, the Casa Carola tavern offers its exquisite and powerful cocido Madrileño. The quality of the raw materials is exceptional, and the service and its friendly service make you feel at home.

The bar Jurucha is the typical bar of Madrid, where we can taste a wide variety of snacks and rations. The tortilla and the egg croquettes stand out especially. Eating in is a fantastic option if you are looking for a snack place in the Salamanca neighborhood.

Dónde comer en el barrio Salamanca
Casa Carola
Dónde comer en el barrio Salamanca
Panela & CO

Eating at La Maruca will be our best option if what we are looking for is creativity and simplicity in our evening. The food is of high quality and the extensive menu, which goes hand in hand with the cared environment and the service.

The Ramón Freixa restaurant, located on Calle Claudio Coello, offers outstanding quality in all its dishes. Both in the living room and in the garden, we can taste some extraordinary dishes with a pairing and spectacular plating.

At La Tasqueria de Javi Estévez we will find an informal and close atmosphere, with exceptional service, and some original dishes. If we choose to eat in this business, it is mandatory to try the oxtail with eels, tripe and sweetbreads.

With an updated wine list, Ronda 14 Restaurant offers nikkei-asturian fusion cuisine at affordable prices. The staff is fast and attentive, and among the original dishes we stand out the tiradito, gyozas and cachopinos.

Dónde comer en el barrio Salamanca
La Maruca
Dónde comer en el barrio Salamanca
Ronda 14

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