Eating in Salesas

Eating in Salesas

Between Alonso Martínez and Fernando VI, we find the Las Salesas area, an increasingly fashionable district in the heart of Madrid. This area takes its name from the convent of Las Salesas Reales, an architectural complex comprising the church of Santa Bárbara and the Palace of Justice, and founded in 1748 by Queen Bárbara de Braganza.

Combining glamour and nineteenth-century architecture, Las Salesas has been flooded in the recent years by countless boutiques and chic venues, also accommodating restaurants of various styles.  The typical Castilian cuisine stands out in this area, finding businesses adapted to different tastes and pockets, where D.O. wines are never absent.

tortilla jamon chueca

The gastrobar Le Cabrera is a different place which has a disco look of the 80’s and where we can try delicious coktails. Nevertheless, it also offers fresh dishes until 2am such as the sardine tartar.

Oh Galo! is a spacious place, where we can calm our appetite with good tapas and a cold beer. The portions are large, and the price is unmatched considering the location. Ideal to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends.

Celso and Manolo is a simple place but really well decorated that is located on Libertad street. Its food breathes freshness, and it is perfect if what we are looking for is to eat in an authentic tasca in Madrid. Good wines and cold beer are a must.

comer chueca tigre
El Tigre
comer chueca hummuseria
La Hummuseria

If you want to eat in the middle of an opera, you should go to La Castafiore restaurant. It offers a varied and exquisite menu and the waiters will sing songs to you during the evening. It will be without a doubt, an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

A cozy atmosphere in a different restaurant is what we will find if we decide to eat at La Galette 2. This business offers its customers different menu options, all of them exquisite: great food with a value for money.

El Garrillo de Barquillo stands out for the excellent service of its staff, attentive to all your needs. In addition, the restaurant is very well located and the food is exquisite, you can not stop trying their broken eggs!

Basque cuisine in the center of Madrid is the offer of Ainhoa, a restaurant with an unbeatable price. Ainhoa ​​is a restaurant of a lifetime where it is impossible not to eat well; being especially interesting their menus and the second courses of the menu.

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