Eating in El Pardo

Eating in El Pardo

El Pardo is a town located northeast of the Community of Madrid, fifteen kilometers from the heart of the capital. This area is famous for housing the Palacio Real del Pardo and the Palacio de la Zarzuela, historic residences of the Spanish crown.

In El Pardo we will find a wide variety of Castilian gastronomy. The different restaurants and bars in the area offer typical dishes of the Spanish tradition, such as migas or lamb. Also highlighted in El Pardo are products related to hunting, such as deer, wild boar, partridge or quail.

Flora Barragán could be described as a life-long picnic, formed mainly by its terrace where you can enjoy a good typical Spanish food. Ideal without a doubt to enjoy a beer and a tapa overlooking the river.

At the La Pepenultima bar we can have tapas and eat in a unique atmosphere. An ideal place if what we are looking for is to take a few cool bottles and great servings in the heart of El Pardo.

In El Sele bar we will find the best tapas of El Pardo. The portions are homemade and generous, accompanied by a very attentive treatment and an ideal atmosphere. The business also has a wide variety of beers and, if we also choose to eat in it, we can not leave without trying their delicious tota!

Adrian is a typical local restaurant that accompanies your homemade food with a good treatment. Their menus, both daily and special, are plentiful; and they have different beers that you can accompany with tapas as traditional as migas.

comer pardo pepenultima
La Pepenúltima
dormir pardo flora barragan
Flora Barragán

With an excellent location in El Pardo, El Pinar restaurant offers diners an exquisite environment to taste high quality dishes. It is an ideal business to go with family, with an exquisite treatment by the staff, and a spectacular lamb.

If we want to eat in a rustic environment, we can not miss the Filandón Restaurant. This business offers seasonal dishes on the grill, and has an elegant terrace where you can taste its tasty menu.

El Faro Del Pardo is a perfect restaurant to organize celebrations or family meals with children. The facilities of this restaurant are spacious, and children can play while adults enjoy the evening. The dishes are good and plentiful, ideal to enjoy a good feast on the terrace.

Another ideal restaurant if what we are looking for is to eat in a celebration is El Torreón del Pardo. In addition to the special area for the little ones, this restaurant has a very comfortable parking space at the entrance. The place inside is nice, traditional and cozy.

comer pardo pinar
El Pinar
comer pardo faro
El Faro

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