Eating in el Madrid de los Austrias

Eating in el Madrid de los Austrias

In the heart of the Spanish capital, we find the so-called district of the Austrias, popularly and generically known as Madrid de los Austrias. Stoned streets, palaces and convents adorn the streets of this area, which gets its name from the urban expansion that started the House of Austria during the sixteenth century in Madrid.

 The area known as Madrid de los Austrias is extensive, and within it could be encompassed from the Royal Palace to the Cathedral of Almudena, passing without doubt by the Segovia bridge. For this reason, the gastronomy is very diverse, and varies depending on the part of the Madrid of the Austrias in which we find ourselves.
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After a walk through the center of Madrid, Malacatín will give you the opportunity to eat in an authentic bar-restaurant. Among its walls we find the best cocido from Madrid that you can imagine, and its meats are of a superior quality.

In the flamenco tablao Café de Chinitas we can taste an exquisite food while enjoying a magnificent show. The stew is spectacular, and the prices are really competitive. Ideal if we seek to spend an authentic flamenco night.

Cava Baja 17 is an ideal place if what we are looking for is to eat in the center of Madrid with rations and tapas. Stresses its cuisine, very good and even affordable. Especially delicious the grilled scallops and the grilled octopus.

At Taberna Almendro 13 we will find the best tapas and raciones of all Madrid, with a special mention to the broken eggs with ham, the best in the capital! It is a traditional tavern, with simple, typical and delicious food.

Dónde comer en el Madrid de los Austrias
Dónde comer en el Madrid de los Austrias
Café de Chinitas

Captain Alatriste’s Tavern has a fast and attentive service, in a decorated place honoring the name of the business. The food is delicious, with a good value for money and also to match the ambience of the place.

The Ástor restaurant, located on Calle del Almendro, is a cozy place, offering carefully prepared dishes full of flavor. The treatment by the staff is spectacular, and for the after-dinner they have some excellent cocktails with which to end a fantastic evening.

In Yeseros street we find the restaurant Rasputin and, as we can deduce from its name, it is Russian food in the heart of Madrid de los Austrias. The quality and pampering that its dishes show is magnificent, notable especially in the blinis of salmon and caviar and in the steak tartar.

Pleasant and cozy atmosphere is what we will find during our evening if we opted to eat at the restaurant D’Stapa. The quality and plating of the entire menu is spectacular, highlighting the business especially for its rice

Located at number thirteen of Segovia street, we find the Anglona Palace. This beautiful restaurant offers its customers delicate dishes in a relaxed atmosphere; and surprised by the variety and succulence of their dishes.

Dónde comer en el Madrid de los Austrias
Taberna del Capitán Alatriste
Dónde comer en el Madrid de los Austrias

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