Eating in Chamberí – Madrid

Eating in Chamberí

This district belonging to the central area of the community of Madrid is composed of six neighborhoods: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Almagro, Trafalgar, Vallehermoso and Ríos Rosas. In all of them we find elegant restaurants and exquisite tapas places that require a mandatory stop to taste the typical cuisine of the Spanish capital.

Chamberí has always enjoyed a number of charming restaurants where you can stop to taste an exquisite meal. Recently they are also opening local numbers for those who simply seek to eat in a fast and pleasant place where they satisfy their appetite and thirst. In Chamberí we find a wide variety of national cuisines combined with the latest avant-garde cuisine. Wine lists are usually extensive, including several D.O. Wines of Madrid; as well as carefully thought-out and elaborate cocktails.

vino chamberi
potaje chamberi
pincho chamberi

The Cervecería Gandarío is a humble but very cozy place that offers exquisite food. It has very competitive prices for the area, offering high quality and quantity dishes in the middle of Gaztambide street. You can not stop trying their steak and burgers!

Oh! Mandril is a casual brewery, which offers its customers beers from virtually all over the world. In addition, it offers a wide service of tostas and tapas at a good price, which can be tasted in its magnificent terrace located on General Álvarez de Castro Street.

The tavern Si quiero is a place located on Bravo Murillo Street and has a very friendly and attentive service. Si Quiero! is the ideal place to have a few beers at a good price, while we try the best tortilla in the world.

Dónde comer en Chamberí
Cervecería Gandarío
Dónde comer en Chamberí
Sí, quiero!

In the middle of Calle Gaztambide, we find Alcaravea, a Mediterranean restaurant with a careful decoration and a very cozy atmosphere. Its innovative and perfectly plated dishes combine perfectly with its location and exceptional service.

If you are looking to eat in an affordable place, but with high quality dishes, you can not miss the Tres Bocas restaurant. Located at the beginning of Gaztambide street, it offers an exceptional combination of flavors in all its avocados. Although the menu is not too extensive, it makes up for the spectacular cocktail area where you can enjoy some exquisite cocktails.

Located in Calle del Castillo, Bacira is a haute cuisine restaurant with a simple aesthetic that combines perfectly with the luminosity of the premises. It offers Asian-Mediterranean fusion recipes, and its desserts are an authentic delicatessen. We recommend you book if you decide to eat in it at the end.

The Membibre restaurant, located on Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, offers traditional Castilian cuisine. Its products are well elaborated, starting with excellent raw materials. It has two rooms, one outside and one inside, where you can taste dessert delicious torrijas.

At the beginning of Eduardo Dato’s walk we found the restaurant Lúa. Decorated rustic and with typical foods of each season, this business is dedicated to the preparation of creative cuisine. Its chef, Manuel Domínguez, prepares traditional recipes in a totally new and innovative way.

Dónde comer en Chamberí
Dónde comer en Chamberí

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