Eating in Arnedo

Eating in Arnedo

Arnedo is a town in the province of La Rioja, which is famous for its footwear and its rich architectural heritage. However, it is also known for its food. The variety of typical foods this town offers might surprise you, whether you’re looking for tapas or an a la carte experience. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best restaurants and bars in Arnedo. The pastries in this town are also delicious, so we recommend trying some yourself and then taking some home to surprise your friends and family. Interested?

The city of Arnedo has an attractive culinary tradition that is supported by the orchard of the Cidacos River. Popular foods in Arnedo are vegetables like borage, thistles, peppers, cauliflower with an I.G.P. of Calahorra, and I.G.P. Asparagus of Navarra. You can eat them separately with a bit of potatoes and D.O. Rioja olive oil, or you can eat them together in a vegetable stew, which is very popular in Arnedo. The sweet garlic is also popular. Its biggest day is on Jueves Santos during the Festival del Ajo Asado (Festival of Roasted Garlic). Poached beans are the most common legumes in the local orchard, and they make up the base of many plates with meats like quail or rabbit. Some of the typical dishes you can expect to find on the menus in Arnedo are garlic soup, cod a la Riojana, suckling pig, and grilled lamb chops.

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esparragos arnedo
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The town is also one of the few producers of D.O.P. Queso Carmerano. After lunch or dinner, you can head to one of the top-notch confectionaries in the town. We recommend trying the fardelejos, which are Muslim sweets made with puff pastry stuffed with almond dough, eggs, and butter. These sweets are very popular during the festival of Robo de los Santos. All of these specialties can be accompanied by one of the D.O. Rioja wines, which are made in local wineries.

Eating tapas is a great option in Arnedo, a town with ample bars from which to choose. We recommend El Giro, Hugo (where you can find a wide variety of simple, flavorful pinchos and bocadillos), and La Cepa Joven (where you can have tapas or a delicious vegetable stew).

Another place to look for is the Gastrobar Victoria, where you’ll find not only delicious tapas, but a wide variety of top-notch larger plates as well.

comer arnedo gastrobar victoria
Gastrobar Victoria
comer arnedo cepa joven
La Cepa Joven

There are many options when it comes to eating in Arnedo. Picabea is a restaurant that specializes in traditional Riojan cuisine. It offers a menu composed of dishes based in fresh, good-quality products. You can also find tapas and rations in this restaurant. Sopitas is one of the most popular restaurants in Arnedo. Its kitchen is essentially traditional, but they have introduced contemporary elements in the cooking and presentation of their dishes, which are always beautiful. The hotel Virrey is a great restaurant that specializes in seasonal vegetables and other classic dishes that come from the Riojan cuisine imagination. It also has plenty of rooms, so you can celebrate any type of big event, whether is it for family and friends, or business. Victoria is another restaurant to keep in mind when eating in Arnedo not only for the good-quality ingredients it uses, but also for its service and the attractive and creative dishes they serve.

comer arnedo restaurante sopitas
Restaurante Sopitas
comer arnedo picabea

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