Eating in Sabucedo

Eating in Sabucedo

This town in the southeast of La Estrada is known for hosting the famous Rapa das Bestas. In this case the fish and seafood are not the center of attention: in Sabucedo, they only eat fish from the river. Eating in Sabucedo is complicated, and you’ll have to go towards other close localities.

In the municipality of La Estrada (the Tabeirós district), you can find this small village with very few inhabitants. If you want to know what to eat in Sabucedo or in the surrounding towns, keep in mind that fish and seafood, which are so representative of Galicia in general, aren’t the main ingredients in Sabucedo’s local cuisine. Being closed off from the ocean, fish from the river are an important part of the gastronomy, and the town even celebrates La Fiesta del Salmón (in La Estrada). This festival has been organized annually since its inception in July 1974, and was catalogued as a 2013 Festival of Touristic Interest of Galicia.

pulpo sabucedo
salmon sabucedo

In Sabucedo, the celebration called A Rapa das Bestas takes place, in which they collect the semi-feral horses living freely in the mountains and cut their manes. This festival was declared to be of National Touristic Interest in 1963. The celebration takes place during a long weekend in the beginning of July in the Campo do Medio, a clearing where pulpeiros and other cooks set up stands where they roast and barbecue good Galician meat. It’s a good time to enjoy the Rías Baixas wines and other typical Galician products like honey, sausage, corn bread, pastries, etc…

If you go to A Estrada (16 km), you’ll find the bar 20 Berzas, perfect for having tapas as a snack or for dinner. Our community of travelers recommends enjoying your tapas with a copa of wine or vermouth. They also have a rich tortilla de patatas.

comer sabucedo 20 berzas
20 Berzas

There aren’t any local restaurants where you can eat in Sabucedo, but if you visit during the festival A Rapa das Bestas, you’ll have the opportunity to try typical Galician products at the stands installed in the Campo do Medio.

In Forcarei, 8 km away, you’ll find the restaurant Florida, specialized in grilled meats. Their star dishes are churrasco and grilled croca de ternera. The restaurant is family-run and unpretentious.

comer sabucedo restaurante florida
Restaurante Florida

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