Eating in A Guarda

Eating in A guarda

A Guarda serves as a a border between Spain and Portugal and benefits from its place at the mouth of the Miño river, which is why fish and seafood are some of the most abundant local dishes. At the port, you can find many places to eat where you can A Guarda’s best specialties. Everything is fresh and directly from the ocean to the table!

If you want to know what to eat in A Guarda, a town at the mouth of the Miño river and a step away from Portugal, keep in mind that their a long fishing tradition provides a great variety of fish and seafood, particularly sea bass, swordfish, turbot, barnacles and crab. The most sought after delicacy of the region is lobster, and you can enjoy it at the Festa da Langosta, which has been celebrated in the month of July since 1990, where they distribute nearly 400 kilos of this coveted crustacean.

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But the town doesn’t just survive off of the ocean, since its proximity to the river allows for the preparation of recipes with salmon, shad fish, and eel, amongst others. Typical dishes with meat and sausage are: scrambled eggs with ham, pickled rabbit, zorza con cochelos (ground meat with boiled potatoes…).

In A Guarda, more and more gastronomic celebrations take place throughout the year: Ruto do Pincho da Lamprea do Miño (April), the Fiesta de Mejillón (July) that began in 2014; Fiesta del Percebe (August) since 2013, etc…Pair all of these gastronomic offerings with famous Galician wines, among which stands out the D.O. Rías Baixas. Those who like sweets can enjoy the ‘mirabeles’, yellow plums in syrup; or the local roscón de yema , or “egg yolk cake”.

At the Tapería Arruaz, you can enjoy some rich appetizers at a good price with high variety.  Mackerel and octopus are guaranteed to be a success.

The Celtic Harp is a brewery where you can find appetizers like scampi and garlic prawns. The best part is that you can eat with views of the ocean.

On the streets close to the port you’ll find many high-quality places to eat in A Guarda, of which we highlight a few. The seafood restaurant Trasmallo (which takes its name from a kind of fishing that uses three nets) has their own fish tank with lobsters (langostas and bogavantes) ad also offers a menu of rices and meats; excellent quality.

The restaurant Bitadorna participate sin the Jornadas de la Lamprea (festival of lamprey) and their croquettes based in that ingredient are highly acclaimed.

At Marusía, in front of the port, they serve good seafood at a good price. Impossible to resist!

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