Eating in Verin

Eating in Verin

Verin, on the banks of the Tamega River, is a village in the province of Ourense filled with history. If you navigate through Verin, you will see the largest fortified complex in Galicia. But Verin is also known for its spas like Cabreiroa. This town, perfect for relaxation, will not leave you indifferent. If you don’t know what to eat in Verin, we can help!

When recommending what to eat in Verin, you must consider its location in the Tamega river valley and your proximity to the mountains, which provides natural ingredients such as collard greens, cabbage, Galician potatoes and Pemento de Oimbra.

Regarding meat, the roasted lamb and goat are typical. Additionally, veal and dishes made with pork, like chorizo, oreja, lomo or lacón con grelos are typical here. You can also eat botelo, made from a pig’s stomach and stuffed with meat.

The restaurant menus offer fish from the river (eel or trout) and game meat in season. Of course, they also serve empanadas with meat, cod, eel etc.

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The Vila de Verin food competition is a great opportunity to sample the main products from the region. The Día de San Antón is celebrated in Ábedes (3.5 km away) on January 17.  During this celebration there is a pilgrimage, known as Festa de Chourizo.  After mass and the procession, participants bring baskets with sausage, ham, etc. to a hill where they have a feast. At the beginning of August and during a long weekend the Feria del Vino Monterrei takes place, where in addition to its own wine, Vino D.O. Monterrei, you can sample others from the area like Vino D.O. Ribeiro or Vino D.O. Valdeorras.

For pastries in Verin you will find its famous custard cake, one of the popular items at its carnival, almond cake and the lenguas de obispo. Don’t forget to order a shot of coffee liquor at the end.

If you prefer to eat tapas in Verin, we challenge you to try the oreja, morros, and callos at the local hostels and taverns.

If you want to eat octopus in Verin, we recommend Casa de Pulpo, a local place with good reviews located on Avenida de Portugal.

At O Souto Das Candeas, you can try their buckets of beer along with some of their delicious toast.

In the Plaza García Borbón is Tapería Gandeiras with a terrace in the plaza to enjoy great tapas in Verin.

Enxebre Monterrei, a hotel restaurant, offers traditional Galician cuisine.

The restaurant Zapatillas has been a classic in Verin since 1967. Order the daily special with two first courses, two second courses, dessert, coffee and a drink. In addition to its extensive menu, the roasted veal, lacón trufado and flan de queso Zapatillas are also noteworthy.

Another option to eat in Verin is the restaurant Brasil where you can try dishes like roasted goat or seafood cocktail.

On the outskirts of Verin, the restaurant O Candil serves traditional food and specializes in grilled meats.

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