Eating in Ribadavia

Eating in Ribadavia

Ribadavia is the capital of Ribeira wine, located on the banks of the Avia river, in the province of Ourense. Its old town is one of the most noble and well-preserved in Galicia. Its geographic position, close to the mountains and the coast, makes eating in Ribadavia a great choice, from fresh fish to quality meat. Are you interested?

You’ll always find fresh fish and seafood in addition to great meat in Rebadavia due to its proximity to both the mountains and the coast. The besugo (red seabream) and octopus, prepared in various different ways, are two of the main local dishes as well as typical Galician seafood like crabs and barnacles, amongst others. Pair these delicacies with Ribeiro Wine and, if you love good wine, you can go to one of the most important gastronomic events in the town where, in addition to Ribeiro and Ribeiro Tostado (a more aged wine), you can taste other local wines like Monterrei and Valdeorras, all with D.O.

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At the end of October the locals celebrate in Barcia, 3 km away in the municipality of Melón, the Festa da Bica, a celebration of pan de maíz. 4 km away from Ribadavia, in Arnoia, the Fiesta del Pimiento takes place, during a long weekend in the beginning of August, in which they consume a large quantity of peppers—sweet, flat and dark green—in a variety of recipes (fried, in a tortilla, stuffed with veal or game meat), some of which are very unusual, like pepper-flavored ice cream. As for the dessert, rosquillas de yema de huevo, almendrados and melindres are all typical in Ribadavia. Visit the bakeries in the Jewish quarter where they sell Sephardic sweets (ma’amul, a cream with dates and rosewater; kamische-broit, with almonds or other nuts; donuts in the shape of the Star of David, etc…), an inheritance from Ribadavia’s past that can be discovered at the Festa da Istoria, where Jewish gastronomy fills the streets of Ribadavia. Also don’t forget to try the liquors produced in the area.

The options for getting tapas in Ribadavia are ample, and here we provide our selection. At the Taberna Papuxa, found in the Jewish quarter, you serve yourself wine in ‘concas’, a kind of bowl typical to Galicia since the Galicians drink wine ‘in a cup’. It has a family-friendly, authentic atmosphere and homemade food.

At O Morto, there is a great atmosphere, especially in the mornings, and they serve rich tapas of which the empanadillas are highly recommendable.

Porta da Cerca has a great location next to the castle. It’s perfect for drinking some coffee on the terrace.

On the other hand, it you don’t feel like stopping to eat a meal in Ribadavia, at Tahona de Herminia in the town’s Jewish quarter you can get some Jewish sweets.

Here we highlight some places to eat in Ribadavia and the surrounding area.

O Pucheiro serves homemade food and has three separate cod dishes. The restaurant A Quinza, on the road entering Ribadavia, gets good reviews and has an extensive menu. They also offer food to-go. These are the best options for eating in Ribadavia.

El Casal de Armán, 6 km away, has two dining rooms, which are beautiful spaces for celebrations.

11 km away is the restaurant at the hotel Monumento Monsterio de San Clodio, which occupies a beautiful cloister in the old monastery and offers carefully-crafted, traditional Galician cuisine.

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