Eating in Manzaneda

Eating in Manzaneda

The Manzaneda ski resort is the only resort in Galicia and is divided between Manzaneda and Puebla de Trives. This beautiful site was one of the first Spanish ski resorts to be open all year, so you can enjoy eating in Manzaneda year-round.

When it comes to eating in Manzaneda, the local cuisine is filling, tasty and strongly influenced by the mountains. Pork products, which are mostly used from Celtic pigs, are one of the culinary pillars in this area famous for its handmade embutidos, filloas de sangre, tortas de chicharrones and other similar offers. The roasted goat is another meat specialty in this area, as well as veal from the famous Galician cattle ranches.

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The local vegetable garden makes products like succulent vegetable stews, Galician soups and other dishes that are highly recommended during the colder months. Chestnuts, cheeses and other natural products like honey complete the range of culinary possibilities in Manzaneda. Regarding pastries, the famous bica, a cream sponge cake enjoyed in Puebla de Trives, is noteworthy. To accompany all the food in Manzaneda, you should try some of the mencía and godello wines.

In Manzaneda you can eat within the Oca Nova Manzaneda apartments that are located in the ski resort. Here there is a cafeteria perfect for breakfast, a snack, or getting a quick bite to eat. They also have a self-service restaurant where you will always find local fresh ingredients to prepare your own dishes.

If you are looking for a tapas bar, you can travel to the nearby town of Puebla de Trives. There we recommend Café-Bar Manolo’s tapas, especially the octopus croquetas. Next to this establishment, you can also eat at A Cantina Do Cuatro. There you can sample delicious handmade tapas, like scrambled eggs with zorza, on their terrace.

In Puebla de Trives, a nearby town, you can find the restaurant Casa do Agenor. This restaurant offers traditional Galician cuisine in a rural and friendly environment.

The campsite A Masía has a restaurant formed from two spacious lounges where they offer a simple, yet filling, cuisine composed of different dishes made with quality products.

Another place to eat in Manzaneda is As Maceiras, a charming rural hotel that also has a nice and welcoming restaurant where they serve typical cuisine from the Orense region.

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