Eating in Vilalba

Eating in Vilalba

If you go out to eat in Vilalba, you’ll be able to taste some of the most typical dishes of the Galician gastronomy.  The queso, lacón gallego, empanada…Each specialty is distinct and just as good as the others! Also, the offering of restaurants is ample, so you can easily choose amongst the best. In our drop-down menu, you’ll find a selection of the top places in terms of quality-price ratio.

Vilalba will not leave you indifferent when it comes to sitting down for a meal. Naturally, the local gastronomy shares much in common with Galician cuisine. On practically every menu at all the local bars and restaurants you can find dishes like empanada, the famous octopus a feira (in the Galician style), and pote gallego. If you want something specific to eating in Vilalba, there are the Patatas de Galicia or the Queso de Tetilla, with I.G.P and D.O.P, respectively; there are also the well-known capones, castrated chickens that are fattened on the farms of the region.

queso tetilla
pulpo vilalba

Stop by the town’s various festivals and discover the culinary arts of Vilalba. We especially recommend trying the queso madurado (ripened cheese) in birchwood containers during the Feria del Queso San Simón da Costa. The importance of local production of Capón has led to the Christmas-time celebration of the Fiesta del Capón, where visitors come from very far to acquire this product and to be able to serve it at home on Christmas Day. Keep in mind that the prices are particularly high during those days, and if you arrive late at the market the supply may go down and therefore make the prices almost prohibitive. Another typical product of the Galician gastronomy is the Lacón Gallego, also with I.G.P. And for dessert? Try the famous almond cake and you won’t regret it.

For getting a drink, the Cervecería Stama has a very good reputation. Their tapas and draft beer are delicious. You can easily try a little bit of everything.

If you’re looking to share some smaller portions, the Casa Maragata is your place. Though their specialty is the  cocido maragato, their small portions are also a great choice, with many options to choose from.

We highlight a few of the most significant restaurants in Vilalba. El Mesón do Campo, in the historical center, offers traditional cuisine with touches of creativity; the restaurant participates in diverse Jornadas Gastronómicas, or gastronomic festivals (mushrooms and game in October and November; capón in December; lamprey and eel in February and March, etc…)

It’s worth it to try Enxebre Castelo dos Andrade, a restaurant in the Parador, where you can try the Galician gastronomy in a privileged dining room in the basement of the medieval tower of Andrade. They have in-season dishes and special menus, such as a menu for Valentine’s Day.

On the outskirts of town there is the restaurant Montero, with ample rooms appropriate for all types of events and celebrations, as well as gardens and a playground for children. They have one normal and one special menu. Our community of travelers specifically recommends the seafood soup as a plato 10.

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