Eating in San Romao de Retorta

Eating in San Romao de Retorta

San Romao de Retorta is a small town belonging to the county of Guntín, lacking in monuments but one of the few places on the Lugo-Melide tour that offers services. It is therefore a mandatory gastronomic stop. Eating in San Romao de Retorta is synonymous with healthy food. Vegetables and legumes are of particular importance. However, there are not a lot of bars or restaurants in the area.

One of the essential foods to eat in San Romao de Retorta is the Goudán pepper, with I.G.P. They are different from those of Padrón or Ourense in their intense green color, which becomes red as they mature, as well as their medium size, which is larger than those from Padrón. Another one of their different characteristics is that they grow upwards. When it’s time to eat them they can be prepared in many different ways, for example fried in tortillas or as a side dish.

pimientos padron
san romao retorta pescado
pan artesano

The great livestock tradition of this region offers very high-quality meat as well as milk, which is used in making various cheeses. Another food to try is the trout, since the county of Guntín (to which San Romao de Retorta belongs) has many rivers, such as the Ferreira river and the great Miño. And everything, from the meats (veal, pork, fowl) to the fish, is served with produce like potatoes, greens, legumes, and various spices.

Finally, a meal is not the same without a good piece of bread. In the county of Guntín, some mills have been recovered and now mill wheat using a traditional techniques, having been adapted to carry out the entire bread-making process.

At the Mesón de Pallares (10 km away in Guntín), you’ll be able to try healthy food with in-season ingredients. It’s good for sharing various different plates as a group.

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Mesón Pallares

The options for eating in San Romao de Retorta are limited. In fact, the best option is found before entering San Romao de Retorta, in Crecente. There is located Mesón de Crecente, specialized in homemade food and cooking on a wooden stove. An old-fashioned tavern that serves quality food in a very welcoming atmosphere.

comer en san romao retorta
Mesón Crecente

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