Eating in O Cebreiro

Eating in O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro, situated in the Ancares mountain range, is an obligatory stop on the Camino de Santiago. If you pass through O Cebreiro you should know that it’s a small village, although its restaurants and bars offer a good variety of traditional products and recipes. If you’re looking to recuperate your strength or try the typical local food, the grelos should be on your list.

The majority of the small pallozas (stone houses with thatched roofs) that make up the village offer services to those traveling the Camino de Santiago. Taking into account how few registered inhabitants there are, the two available restaurants in O Cebreiro are sufficient: Carolo and the one at the hotel O Cebreiro. That’s our recommendation for where to eat in O Cebreiro.

This small village in the municipality of Pedrafita do Cebreiro and the province of Lugo is a mandatory stop on the Camino de Santiago. You will of course find many Galician products there, but what you really need to eat in O Cebreiro is their specialty, the Queso Cebreiro (Cebreiro cheese), which has D.O. It’s prepared with pasteurized whole milk—from the breeds rubia gallega, pardo frisona, or a mix of the two—and has a yellowish-white color without coloring or preservatives.

queso ocebreiro
lacon ocebreiro

A typical dish is the cocido gallego (Galician stew), prepared with several pork by-products, in addition to the class lacón con grelos (meat with greens) and the pote gallego (“Galician pot”). And although it’s an inland town, why not try a good octopus a feira?  As for something sweet, the local restaurants offer homemade desserts: filloas (crepes) with sugar or Miel de Galicia (Galician honey, with I.G.P.) and queso de O Cebreiro with quince or honey.

Mesón Antón is perfect to having a few varied tapas. Our community of travelers recommends the lacón. Their decorations are rustic but pleasant.

comer en o cebreiro
Mesón Antón

The cottage of Hotel O Cebreiro serves a hearty, flavorful stew. If you order a drink you can try one of their tapas.

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