Eating in Mondoñedo

Eating in Mondoñedo

To eat in Mondoñedo, you should know that their interior cuisine is the most abundant. That is to say, the stews and soups are some of the dishes that you can’t miss when you come to eat in Mondoñedo. There are various restaurants and bars for enjoying Galician cuisine that you cannot skip. Are you interested?

When deciding what to eat in Mondoñedo, you’ll realize that, as in any Galician town, there are many bars and restaurants that serve traditional cuisine, such as caldo gallego and callos con garbanzos. Also typical to the region are different recipes made with the Faba de Lourenzá (a product with I.G.P.). You’ll find it in taverns and bars serving tapas of the classic empandas, which are filled with tuna, meat, or seafood.

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Other important dishes in the gastronomy of Mondoñedo are the native Patatas and the Lacón Gallego, both of which are certified with their own I.G.P. Try the typical cheeses of the region and pair them with artisanal bread, prepared by Mondoñedo bakers in their own bread ovens. In Mondoñedo, their desserts are very well-known, and the most typical product is undoubtedly their cake, or tarta de Mondoñedo. What’s special about it? Its preparation is based on medieval recipes and the combination of its ingredients, like cherries in syrup and figs, gives it a special flavor.

At A Taberna do Valeco, they offer homemade food and provide a free tapa when you order a drink. Their raciones (smaller portions) are very well-known. They also have a good quality-price ratio.

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A Taberna Do Valeco

You will find a number of diverse establishments to eat at in Mondoñedo. At the bar Central Mondoñedo, they serve simple, high-quality, homemade food. The daily menu is a great value, and the callos are very good.

Outside the town, at A Votliña, they have homemade food with good primary ingredients. A family restaurant where the quality of their desserts is what really stands out.

If you want to get a tarta de Mondoñedo, you’ll find it in one of the town’s reputed pastelerías, Rei das Tartas or La Alianza, already one hundred years old.

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