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Eating in Lourenza

If you’re wondering what to eat in Lourenza, we recommend some good fabas (a kind of bean). A place where the gastronomy is presented as a complete experience. The restaurants and bars in Lourenza aren’t abundant, but the service is high-quality. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy more traditional cuisine.

Eating in Lourenza is a true delight, especially for those who love faba, since this is where the most flavorful beans are cultivated: the faba galaica with I.G.P. Since 1990, every first weekend in October, the town has celebrated the Festa Da Faba, a festival dedicated to the characteristic product that attracts thousands of people every year.

Dónde comer en Lourenzá
Dónde comer en Lourenzá
Dónde comer en Lourenzá

But Lourenza doesn’t just live off of fabas. There you can also try other typical Galician dishes with products like their grilled meats or delicious embutidos (a kind of sausage), which are typically prepared or served with fabas. Finally, very characteristic of Lourenza are the mazapanes (marzipan cookies) that are made in various establishments in a completely artisanal way, following a traditional recipe. And there’s nothing better for washing down these dishes than some Galician wine or brandy.

If you want to eat some tapas in Lourenza, we recommend Cervecería O Recanto. Our community of travelers specifically highlights the tapa de callos as a star recipe.

In this case it is better to order some dishes “a la carte”, as there are not many options of places to eat in Lourenza. On the “A la carte” section you will find some of our recommendations.

The options for eating in Lourenza aren’t excessive, but they are certainly sufficient for tasting the area’s typical gastronomy. An example is the restaurant at the hostel Baos, where they create menus with in-season products. Their customer service is also very good.

Another good alternative is Mesón O Pipote, whose specialties are callos, lamb, and Fabas de Lourenzá. A very pleasant location.

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