Eating in A Fonsagrada

Eating in A Fonsagrada

More and more people are coming to eat in A Fonsagrada. The variety and quality that predominates the local food is unmatched. If you don’t know what to eat in A Fonsagrada, typical Galician dishes like octopus are a must. The quality of their restaurants is very good. If you come to eat in A Fonsagrada, you will not leave unsatisfied.

What stands out in A Fonsagrada are their meats, especially their veal, so trying some steak or ribs at one of the local restaurants is a great idea. But if there’s one thing that’s truly essential to try in A Fonsagrada, it’s their delicious butelo (or botillo), a special type of traditional embutido sausage made artisanally using a pork base. This dish is so important that every year they celebrate the Feira de Butelo in A Fonsagrada.

botillo leon
comer en o cebreiro
Mesón Antón
pastel fonsagrada

In case you’re still hungry, you can also find other typical Galician dishes like pulpo (octopus) a la gallega, cocido gallego, and much more. Finally, what better to finish your meal with than one of the more traditional desserts: pastel de Fonsagrada. It’s prepared with butter, sponge cake, almonds and cream and draws particular attention with its half-sphere shape, decorated with toasted almonds.

For a tapas bar in A Fonsagrada, we recommend Prados. The tapas are abundant and perfect to eat with a group. The customer service is also very good.


The options for eating at a restaurant in A Fonsagrada are ample and high-quality. For the lovers of octopus, the pulpería O Caldeira will not disappoint. They also have a special traveler’s menu where they include other typical Galician dishes.

Another option with the same specialty is Candal, where the quality is unquestionable. A perfect option for tasting other traditional dishes is the restaurant Cantábrico. Their menu changes according to the season, which means you can try high-quality products with great flavor.

comer en a fonsagrada
Pulpería Candal
comer en a fonsagrada
O Caldeira

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