Eating in Sobrado dos Monxes

Eating in Sobrado dos Monxes

Sobrado dos Monxes is a small town in the province of A Coruña. A place for travelers that stands out for its monastery, a visit to Sobrado dos Monxes will take you one whole day. This is perfect for making a stop to eat in Sobrado dos Monxes. Like any good Galicia town, its gastronomy will not disappoint you.

If you want to know what to eat in Sobrado dos Monxes, there you will have the opportunity to try the Queso Arzúa-Ulloa (cheese with D.O.P.), famous for its unique shape, soft flavor, and the different degrees of curation that make it thrice a delicacy. Galicia has numerous wines with D.O. that would pair very well with it. One of the most common products in the local restaurants in the Galician veal, which has I.G.P.

queso arzuaulloa
comer sobrado monxes truchas

The most important gastronomic celebration of Sobrado is the Feria de Troita (celebrating the trout), celebrated on the 10th of August by the town’s locals, who set up food and craft stands that are typically accompanied by music as well as local and foreign dance. You can get many typical products and also taste the Galician trout in a variety of recipes, above all Sobrado’s own flavorful trout a la montañesa, cooked with bacon and very spicy seasoning. After visiting the monastery we recommend that you don’t leave with some marmalade prepared by the nuns; strawberry, peach, orange, and apple are some of their specialties.

When it’s time to eat in Sobrado dos Monxes, you can go to the plaza da Porta, where there are several bars and cafés serving tapas. The Cafetería Plaza Sobrado is an example, in a central location with an ample menu from which you can order some pulpo (octopus). In this area there are also other bars like Cafetería Ramiro and Bar Tato. You can also try Bar Cruce, close to the Lecer hostel.

comer sobrado monxes cafeteria bar sobrado
Cafetería Bar Sobrado
comer sobrado monxes cafeteria ramiro
Cafetería Ramiro

If you’re looking who a place to eat in Sobrado Dos Monxes, we recommend the following locations:

At Casa de comidas Real, at the edge of town, as well as As Casiñas, they homemade food at economical prices.

On the other side of the town is Bar Real Sobrado, which has a traveler’s menu and gets good reviews. To warm up from the outside cold, we recommend the caldo gallego (Galician stew) that they make there.

If you visit the farm-school Casa do Queso (in Casal de Abaixo – Grixalba), they have a restaurant in a remodeled haystack where they offer, in addition to dishes made with Galician cheeses, cocido gallego, veal, roasted lamb, etc…The space is appropriate for celebrations and other events.

comer sobrado monxes as casinas
As Casiñas
comer sobrado monxes real sobrado
Real Sobrado

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