Eating in Muxia

Eating in Muxia

Muxia is a small town with a little more than 5,000 inhabitants found on the Costa da Morte in the province of A Coruña. The main attraction of this seafaring village is its coast, from which you can observe the fierceness of the Atlantic Ocean. However, that’s not the only draw, since eating in Muxia is also a pleasure. If you love seafood, you can’t miss eating in Muxia on your next getaway.

Along the Costa da Morte we find Muxia, a small locality with spectacular imagery and a large culinary offering. At the seafood market, managed by the Fishermen’s Guild, you can get a good idea of what to eat in Muxia. Like any good Galician town, they have excellent seafood as well as produce, the seafood being in highest demand.

Enjoy the specialties of the town at its many gastronomic fairs, and discover the distinct combinations created by local chefs. Taste a great caldeirada de congrio or, if you prefer, have the congrio (a kind of fish) cooked on the grill or made into an empanada at the Fiesta del Congrio, the day of Good Friday.

The Degustación de Longueirón (a type of mollusk) takes place on Holy Saturday. Octopus, always a key part of the area’s cuisine, also has its own Fiesta del Pulpo, on the second Sunday in August, where you can taste the delicious recipes offered in Muxia at prices that will leave a good taste in your mouth.

comer en o cebreiro
Mesón Antón
lacon grelos

Of course, you can find all of the typical dishes at the town’s establishments: the empanadas de zamburiñas or bonito, the lacón with grelos (a typical Galician vegetable), and the cocido gallego are all obligatory at any good meal in the region. To warm up on a cold winter’s day, we recommend the famous caldo gallego, a broth with chorizo, lacón, white beans, grelos or cabbage—depending on the season—as well as cooked potato.

If you have the luck of eating in Muxia during el carnaval, you can’t go without trying the famous orellas (“ears” in Castilian), a delicious dessert made classic at these festivities.

There are various establishments offering tapas and larger portions perfect for sharing or getting an appetizer before eating in Muxia.

El Restaurante O Pinar serves pinchos with a nice presentation of empanada, tortilla, jamon, pescado

La Cafetería el Quijote is found at a unique location. From its terrace near the seafront overlooking the estuary, you can enjoy a rich tapa de percebes.

Continuing down the seafront you will find O’Xardin. If the weather permits, we recommend sitting on their terrace, with views of the estuary, and ordering some of their delicious seafood tapas. On the other hand, if you go out to eat under the typical Galician gray sky, you can enter the restaurant and order a delicious caldo gallego, or Galician broth. When it’s time to eat, Muxia will not disappoint you!

comer muxia o pinar
O Pinar
Don Percebe
El Quijote
comer muxia xardin
O Xardín

It’s not difficult to find a place to eat in Muxia where they offer good fish and fresh seafood. At the restaurant at the hotel A de Loló, located next to the tourist information center, they offer a menu with traditional and innovative cuisine. Deciding to eat here is a great choice, since the restaurant has a great reputation.

At the Restaurante D’Alvaro, they serve traditional cuisine: meat and seafood a la piedra; flambéed octopus and revuelto de algas being amongst their specialties. They also serve a rich revuelto de erizos. It’s a seafood restaurant with views of the estuary.

At the restaurant of the hotel Playa de Lago, they have their own fish tanks and you can enjoy  parrilladas while sitting in front of the beach. We recommend the house specialties, which are arroz con bogavante, parrillada de pescados and parrillada de mariscos.

A de Loló
A de Loló
Playa de Lago
Playa de Lago

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