Eating in Fisterra

Eating in Finisterra

Fisterra, also called Finisterre, is a town in the Galician province of A Coruña. Finisterre was considered the end of the world by some Greek-Roman historians because you can not see land beyond the cape, but your options about what to eat in Fisterra have only just begun. This town near the Atlantic Ocean is also a destination for travelers who decide to continue the Path to Santiago after arriving to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Well-known as the end of the world, Fisterra, or Finisterre, will only be the beginning of your culinary experience in Galicia. Due to its geographic location, seafood is the main cuisine in this town. If you want to know what to eat in Fisterra visit its famous fish market and discover its seafood: bueyes de mar (lobster), centollos (crab) and los longueirones, which are a variety of indigenous razor clams whose differences lie in their shells. Since 1990 the Festa do Longueirón has been celebrated, at this time the festival is the first Sunday in August. During the festival, they install stands with a variety of handmade food: croquetas, empanadas, salpicón (salad)…You can also enjoy local fish like robalizas, sargos etc…grilled, roasted or with a little bit of garlic in a stew. If you love traditional stoves, you cannot leave Fisterra without eating the classic cocido gallego (Galician stew) or the lacón con grelos.

lacon grelos
navajas fisterra

If you are going to eat in Fisterra you should consider a tapas bars because they are a good option for a snack.

El Bar La Galería is in the Rúa Real de Fisterra four floors above the ocean. It is worth the effort to see the inside full of rocks and several odds and ends that friends, travelers, tourists and children left behind… and everyone is encouraged to do so. This museum of the end of the world is an attraction in the Fisterra dining experience.

El Bar O’Pieiro, overlooking the port, has typical Galician tapas. You can order croquetas de gulas, mejillones (mussels) with salsa and zamburiñas…all accompanied with a bottle of Albariño, white Galician wine.

Seafood restaurant “Os Tres Golpes”, located in one of the narrow streets stretching from the village, has a cozy and unique exterior. It is one of the most excellent shellfish bars to eat at in Fisterra. If you want something to drink they have their own excellent harvest wine that will wash down the rich Galician empanada you ate.

comer fisterra galeria
La Galería
comer fisterra os tres golpes
Os Tres Golpes
comer fistera opieiro

If you are thinking about where to eat in Fisterra we have some recommendations for restaurants among the many establishments with great menus.

O Centolo, overlooking the port and Mount Pindio, specialties include rice with lobster, sea bass and the spidercrab from the restaurant’s name. They also serve other fish and meat.

In O Fragón, overlooking the ocean and San Carlos castile, they serve traditional cuisine based on organic products with innovative touches. The sampling menu with the expert that advises you is the best eating option in Fisterra.

Finally, the restaurant Don Percebe has its own garden nursery and good barnacles and seafood.

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