Eating in Betanzos

Eating in Betanzos

The beautiful, medieval Galician city of Betanzos is considered by some to be the capital of Galician gothic because it has some of the best-preserved, high-quality gothic churches in the area. In addition to visiting the city, eating in Betanzos is a complete pleasure. You’ll be able to try all of the typical products of Galicia gastronomy, but the one you’ll enjoy the most in Betanzos is their tortilla de patatas, famous throughout the community. Where can you try it?

Despite the fact that it’s one of the smallest towns in the  Galician community, Betanzos offers many culinary delights. You can enjoy the pleasure of good food that is always prepared with products of maximum quality. Being a community protected by the Mandeo and Mendo rivers, Betanzos has very fertile land, which makes their vegetable harvest truly stand out. The vegetables are perfect to accompany their classic Galician seafood, such as nécoras and sea bass, which comes from the Ría de Betanzos or other close places. To eat in Betanzos, order as an appetizer the amazing combination of Vina da Terra de Betanzos with typical Galician cheeses, such as the queso de Tetilla. Without a doubt, our strongest recommendation is the tortilla de patata since it’s the most acclaimed recipe in the town. It’s more substantial in Betanzos than in other places, and you can taste it during the Semana de la Tortilla (Week of the Tortilla) during ten days in the month of October. The participating establishments prepare a large variety of tapas with distinct types of tortilla, and there is also a contest in which customers vote for the winning tortilla cooks.

A Voltiña
queso tetilla

Since Betanzos is a Galician town, you will also find other dishes typical to the Galician community: la empanada, el pulpo a feira and the classic lacón. You can’t forget to try the typical desserts, such as filloas (similar to crepes) and, if you’re less into sweets, a brandy produced in the area. For something other than food, order a shot of one of the spectacular liquors and brandies of Galicia, among which the Aguardiente de Hierbas de Galicia, the Licor de Hierbas, the Licor Café and the Orujo (also taken with cream) stand out, all with I.G.P. If you visit Betanzos around the 16th of August, you’ll be there for the Fiestas de San Roque, the festival for the city’s patron saint.

Tapas are a great option in Betanzos. Like in any good Galician town, tapas are abundant and generally well-priced. Since the tortilla de patatas is the most recognized dish of the area, we have selected a few places where you can enjoy it in Betanzos. First, there is Casa Miranda, located in the Travesía Progreso. In recent years it has won the first prize in the tortilla competition four times. It’s a small establishment, so you should go when you have ample time to try to find a seat. In 2016, the winner of the tortilla competition was Mesón O Progreso. Another recommendation is Cafetería Lenda, which has won second place in the competition for two consecutive years. At this restaurant we highlight, in addition to the tortilla, the raxo—marinated pork loin served with potatoes. There is also La Taberna 1931, open at nighttime with great music.

There are many diverse places to eat in Betanzos, a few of which we mention here. First, San Andrés, a stylish restaurant that offers in-season ingredients and a good selection of seafood. We recommend the chiprones, bacalao, and tortilla de patatas. Their meat is also of very good quality. At the restaurant Os Caneiros—in the downtown hotel Complejo San Roque—you’ll find seafood dishes and other traditional cuisine. We also recommend eating at the Restaurante Lodeiro, which offers dishes with quality ingredients. We note the zamburiñas, almejas, navajas…and the high quality of their wines!

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San Andrés
comer betanzos restaurante lodeiro
Restaurante Lodeiro

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