Eating in A Coruña

Eating in A Coruña

A Coruña is the perfect city to spend a weekend that satisfies all travelers’ tastes. After wandering the historical sector, you can eat near the Plaza de María Pita, considered the city’s  nerve center. There is a large number of tapas bars and restaurants distributed throughout the historical sector and the city in general. A Coruña is also a great destination for travelers who are interested in going to the beach. The gastronomy, like the city, is apt for all tastes. Want to know what to eat in A Coruña?

You will find a wide range of great products to eat in A Coruña. A Coruña, capital of the Galician province with the same name, is a city on the Atlantic Ocean with an important sea port, which is why you can’t go to A Coruña without trying the delicious seafood (nécoras, crabs, shrimp, zamburiñas, crayfish, and the typical santiaguiños, named for the red marks on their backs) and fish like el rape and el rodaballo, which are fundamental to Galician recipes. Another product you can’t miss trying in A Coruña is their meats, especially the veal, which occupy an important place in the local gastronomy. Or the so-called raxo, or fresh pork loin, cut into cubes (3 cm. x 3 cm.) and cooked in a pan without artificial substitutions. There are many forms in which the raxo can be eaten in A Coruña; the most traditional way is to eat it plain accompanied by french fries or peppers. In some restaurants they even serve it covered in cabrales cheese. Raxo is very typical to Galicia.

lacon grelos
Mesón Tía María
queso tetilla

Wander the streets of the town in search of the Pementos do Couto (with I.G.P), the Pemento de Herbón (with D.O.P.), the best empanada, or of course the ‘pulp a feira’, traditionally prepared with a touch of cayenne and served with cachelos (stewed potatoes). And you can’t leave A Coruña without eating the exquisite Lacón with grelos (both with I.G.P), a classic at sit-down restaurants as well as taverns. As an appetizer or as a dessert, depending on your taste, you can try the famous Queso de Tetilla, with D.O.P. To finish eating in A Coruña, have the classic Tarta de Santiago, with an almond base and I.G.P., plus a shot of the famous Galician Licor Café. Other products with I.G.P that you can get are Miel de Galicia and Castañas de Galicia. As a promotion of A Coruña’s gastronomy, the Concurso de Tapas Picadillo has been celebrated every September since 2004. There are prizes for best traditional tapa, best creative tapa and the Premio Ciudad de A Coruña, which is ultimately chosen by the public. This is all that you can enjoy eating in A Coruña!

A Coruña has some of the best bars and terraces in Galicia distributed throughout the city. You will have ample choices when deciding where to eat in A Coruña. To eat tapas in A Coruña, there are two clearly defined areas in the city, the first being the usual tapas in bars and taverns along the streets between Avenida de la Marina—known for its standard seafaring houses—and the commercial Calle Real. Some of these traditional establishments are La Bombilla, O Courno, A Troula, O Tarabelo and A Mundiña, with a great offering. The second area to eat in A Coruña, coming into fashion just in recent years, is located in the area surrounding the Plaza de Lugo and its market and is considered to have restaurants and wine bars with an innovative touch: Cienfuegos, La Bodeguilla and Ribera & Compañía, amongst others. However, without a doubt, you can’t leave A Coruña without eating a serving of raxo at Casa Manolo, considered to be one of the best raxos in the city.

It will be difficult to choose there to eat in A Coruña because there are so many places that offer great quality food. At A Pulpeira de Melide, they are on their fourth generation of “plupeiros”, who cook Galician cuisine with hints of other cultures as well. After visiting Domus (the museum of La Casa del Hombre, work of Japanese architect Arata Isozaki), you won’t be able to leave A Coruña without eating at the adjacent restaurant Casa Pardo, where Ana Gago and Eduardo Pardo offer Galician cuisine. What other restaurant recommendations do we have for A Coruña? The restaurant Alborada, which earned a Michelin star in 2010, where chef Javier Rey and a complete professional team offer avant-garde cuisine. They have worked with the wine cellar Espiritú de Galicia, dedicated exclusively to wine, since 2012. At Arbore de Vieira, with a Michelin star since 2014, everything is prepared with the intention of providing an authentic gastronomic experience of A Coruña, with a menu crafted by chef Luís Veira that changes depending on the products in season.

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