Eating in Ferrol

Eating in Ferrol

Ferrol, also known as El Ferrol, is a city situated in the north of A Coruña. It is oriented around maritime activities, with an important fishing and commercial port in addition to its famous shipyards. You therefore can’t go to Ferrol without eating some good fish or fresh seafood. There’s a popular saying that goes: “Ferrol: beaches, seafood, and sun.” But that’s not the only thing you can eat in Ferrol…

An important fishing city, Ferrol has one of the most amazing coasts of the province of A Coruña that attracts an increasing amount of surfers from all of Spain. Lovers of the ocean and the products it offers will have childlike fun eating in Ferrol.

The gastronomy is very similar to that of other Galician cities. If you want to know what to eat in Ferrol, you have to take into account their flavorful seafood (crabs, scallops, shrimp, mussels…) and fish like rape, robadallo, parrochas, jurelos, all fundamental to Galician cuisine. There are also ‘meigas’, a kind of fish known as ‘gallo’ or ‘rooster’ in the rest of the Peninsula. And, of course, there are barnacles!

In terms of meat, the Galician veal has a very good reputation and having it roasted is a great choice. Also typical is the ‘raxo’, fresh pork loin, cut into cubes (3cm x 3cm), and cooked without artifice in the traditional pan. It’s typically paired with french fries and padrón peppers. You can also have the famous Lacón con grelos, with I.G.P.

Something you cannot miss when eating in Ferrol is the octopus a feira, prepared with paprika and served with cachelos (boiled potatoes). If you are interested in this dish, the nearby town of Mugardos is famous for preparing it better than anywhere else.

For snacking, we recommend the queso de Arzúa-Ulloa or the quesode Tetilla, two kinds of cheese with D.O.P.. There’s also the empanada de bonito, a classic in Ferrol.

To accompany your food in Ferrol, we recommend the Albariño wine, and to finish the meal a shot of the town’s famous coffee liquor or Orujo cream.

queso azul
lacon ocebreiro
comer en mondoñedo
A Voltiña

Throughout the urban center of Ferrol you’ll find many places where you can eat tapas. The neighborhood of La Magdalena offers many options, especially during holidays like

Holy Week or summer, when they close the streets to traffic so bars can offer their terraces to customers. You’ll find the best places wandering the streets of María, Sol, and Magdalena. From there we recommend the following places:

The restaurant Sidrería O Lagar has a terrace in front of the market where you can enjoy their famed cider or a glass of wine or beer, any of which comes with a tapa. Their tapas are rich and abundant. You can have empanada, queso, raxo, parrochas

There is also Zahara, in front of the Cantón de Molins park, where they offer you an appetizer of tortilla de patatas when you order a drink. It’s said that they serve the best tortilla de patatas in Ferrol…

On María street, you will find Mesón O Faro, a typical Ferrol tapas bar, although you can also order from their more substantial menu. They give you a tapa with your drink, and it’s guaranteed to be typically Galician and of great quality.

donde comer ferrol zahara
donde comer ferrol Sidreria Olagar
Sidreria Olagar

There are many good places to eat in Ferrol, especially the typical inns on the outskirts that can be reached by car. If you don’t have a car, we recommend trying the neighborhood of La Magdalena, where none of the restaurants will disappoint you.

If you want to eat cheap and plentiful food in Ferrol, you could try Mesón O Bo Padal. Just 7 minutes from the center of town by car, they have a terrace with beautiful views where they serve typical Galician products like grilled sardines, raxo, tortilla de patatas, fried cuttlefish…

There’s also Mesón O Sexto Pino, in the area of Malata, 6 minutes away by car. From the outside, its far-removed appearance may be deceptive, but on the inside it is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family in Ferrol. They also have swings for children outside. They serve traditional, high-quality Galician cuisine.

Finally, if you want to enjoy the coastal environment in a beautiful location, go to O Emigrante in Fene. We highly recommend their roast veal.

que comer ferrol sexto pino
Mesón O Sexto Pino
que comer ferrol o bo padal
Mesón O Bo Padal

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