Eating in Cedeira

Eating in Cedeira

Cedeira is located in the northern part of the Rias Altas. This seafront village takes us to one of the most wild and spectacular landscapes in Galicia, among which are some of the highest cliffs in all of Europe. Your visit could take an entire day, so you will have to look for somewhere to eat in Cedeira. The options are varied, though all of them are based in fantastic Galician ingredients.

If you want to know what to eat in Cedeira, fresh seafood is the basis of culinary tradition in Galician Rias Altas. Crab, lobster and nécoras are all common in the region, as well as the famous cockles and coquinas, but without a doubt, the true star of Cedeira cuisine is the percebe, or sea barnacle. Taste the delicious flavor at the Festa do Percebe, eagerly awaited in the entire region and celebrated every year since 2003. The participants in the celebration can learn to cook the percebes according to tradition: “agua ferver, percebe votar, agua ferver, percebe sacar”. That is, boil water, throw in the percebes, wait for the water to boil again and remove them from the pot. In October 2014, the celebration coincided with the I Exaltación del Percebe.

Don Percebe
El Quijote
brazo gitano

Typical dishes in Cedeira include rape guisado con guisantes, the salpicón, bonito en rollo, the pulpo a feria, chocos rellenos, calderadas de raya, different kinds of seafood, etc… Pair all of these specialties with come patatas de rebeira, which have a unique flavor due to being cultivated near the ocean.

For dessert, a brazo de gitano, which is a cake made with different fillings (chocolate, nougat, strawberry, pineapple…). With your coffee you can have an ‘ese’, an artisanal Cedeira cookie with a touch of anise.

If you want to get tapas in Cedeira, we recommend the following places:

At the Mesón Muiño Kilowatio, located at Cedeira’s seafront, they serve tapas with marajo, which is in the same family as sharks. They also offer squid that is said to be spectacular.

If you’d prefer to eat some grilled scallops in Cedeira, the Mesón Tía María is your place. If you’re more into meat, they also have chicken raxo with queso de tetilla, a dish typical to the Galician region.

We’ll help you decide where to eat in Cedeira.

At Badulaque, in the bottom floor of Casa del Mar with a view of the estuary, they have their own fish tank. In addition to the option of good shellfish, you can also order fish stew, pastelón (a thin-crusted empanada), and bonita en rollo, amongst other specialties.

El Naútico is a classic, and perhaps the oldest restaurant. They specialize in seafood and have big windows with views of the ocean.

Finally, to eat in Cediera we recommend el Mesón Marieta, a central location where you can taste mussels, cockles, sea barnacles, and octopus. Delicious!

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