Eating in Calafell and Cunit

Eating in Calafell and Cunit

Calafell and Cunit are two municipalities that belong to the region of the Bajo (Low) Penedés of Tarragona. The first one is more popular, but the union of both represents one of the nicest areas of the coast of the north of Tarragona. If you decide to come to this destination to relax for a while, the bars and terraces where you can get something to eat in Callafel and Cunit will definitely surprise you. Are you coming with us?

When eating in Calafell and Cunit, the local gastronomy responds to a interesting combination of sea products and classic recipes from the interior of the region. In this coastal area, the maritime rice, fish stews and arrojesat are very popular. The last one is one of the most famous products between everything there is to eat in Calafell and Cunit. The fish and the fresh seafood are eaten roasted or grilled and are used to prepare traditional soups and stews. The xantó, one of the best known salads from Tarragona, has a strong presence in here thanks to the participation of Calafell in the Route of the Zantó, an annual celebration that takes place in many municipalities of the region. Regarding the desserts, the cosetanos are delicious: an specialty very popular when eating in Calafell and that is prepared with dried fruits, cocoa powder and chocolate.

anchoa calafell
merluza gambas almejas
chocolate villajoyosa

If you are a tapas lover, we are going to recommend you some great places to go. If you are in Calafell, go to La Bona Tapa, which has a nice terrace. They offer a broad variety of tapas, but the croquetas are our favorite, apart from the fried eggs with ham and fideuá. El Romesco is another option, and you should definitely try their fried anchovies and their original croquetas of crema catalana. Finally, in Calafell you can also go to la Masia de Platja.

If you go to Cunit, try Cunit D’Or, the perfect place to order portions to share. The service is nice and welcoming and the prices are great.

comer calafella bar bona tapa
Bar La Bona Tapa
comer calafella bar romesco
Bar El Romesco

There are many options of places to eat in Calafell. Masía de la Platja is a place specialized in fish and seafood that gets its products from the coasts of Galicia and the close fish markets. The menu has a Mediterranean essence, apart from products from a more contemporary cuisine.

Vell Papiol is another place you should consider when Eating in Calafell, especially for its market cuisine of maritime essence, made with quality and autochthonous products, usually bought in the Cofradía de Pescadores from Vilanova i la Geltrú.

The restaurant L’Ancora is a family business that offers a carte based on the traditional cuisine from the region, serving tasty traditional fish stews and all types of rice.

If you are in Cunit, the restaurant Can Martí is a place with a Mediterranean cuisine that uses market and seasonal ingredients to create an amazing gastronomy offer.

The Asador de Cunit is a restaurant that serves grilled meats, along with other recipes from the tradition of Tarragona. We love it!

comer calafell restaurante masia platja
Restaurante Masía de la Platja
comer betanzos restaurante vella papiol
Restaurante Vell Papiol

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