Eating in Altafulla

Eating in Altafulla

In a beautiful place in front of the Mediterranean sea, the neighbor Medieval fortresses of Altafulla and Tamarit took two different directions. The local inhabitants from the coast of Altafulla have a climate and orographical conditions that create a gastronomy of a strong Mediterranean essence. Eating in Altafulla satisfies the wishes of the most exigent clients.

The lands of this city are perfect for the cultivation of dried fruits, grape and olive trees that are used to make products of recognized prestige in the whole territory. The ingredients from the sea, such as the blue fish and the seafood, are the most popular ones when eating in Altafulla. The neighbor fish market from Torredembarra sells many different fresh products.

The recipes of rice are also really appreciated in the region, specially when they are completed with fish pieces. Also, Altafulla has a broad offer of products and typical dishes from Tarragona such as the cocas de recapte, the grilled sardine and the snails and fish stews or calçots with romesco, a sauce used with many other specialties from the local cuisine. Everything there is to eat in Altafulla can be served with the excellent local wines, such as the D.O. Tarragona and the D.O. Cataluña.

boqueron altafulla
arroz bogavante pineda mar

Tapas lovers: eating tapas in Altafulla is a great option thanks to the presence of great bars such as La Volta, known for quality of its cuisine. The tapas are more elaborated than in the surrounding bars. For us, this is the best tapas bar in Altafulla.

comer altafulla bar volta
Bar La Volta

The options of places to eat in Altafulla are really varied, attractive and of great quality. Bruixes de Burris is a restaurant located in the interior of the hotel Gran Claustre. They prepare Mediterranean food, market food and many seasonal propositions made with autochthonous products of great quality. It is also possible to celebrate wedding banquets, communions and all kinds of events in here.

Voramar “Cal Vitali” is another popular restaurant when eating in Altafulla. Their specialty if the seafood, taken right out of the coast of the village. Their menu has many traditional recipes from the littoral of the Costa Dorada.

Park is another great option, highly valued by visitors and neighbors when eating in Altafulla. They serve a cuisine of a strong Mediterranean flavor where fish, riche and seafood compose the culinary offer of the local.

comer altafulla restaurante bruixes burriac
Restaurante Bruixes de Burriac
comer altafulla restaurante voramar call vitati
Restaurante Voramar “Cal Vitali”

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