Eating in Alcover

Eating in Alcover

Right under some mountains rich in fossils and only a few kilometers away from the magnificent Costa Dorada, Alcover is a village with an intense history. It has a small ancient center where tourists can visit the famous Museo Municipal. If you want to know what to eat in Alcover, come with us!

The city of Alcover has a typical gastronomy from non-irrigated lands, as it is located in an interior region from Tarragona. This area cultivates vine, olive trees and almond trees. Thanks to this, the village is famous for many products such as the Oil Baix Ebre-Montsiá or the dried fruits, such as the Hazelnuts from Reus. The almonds and hazelnuts are the base (along with other ingredients such as the bread center, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and ñora) of the xantó, a thick sauce that is served with escarole salad and anchovies. The restaurants from the town offer many other specialties to eat in Alcover, such as the snails, Calçots de Valls with I.G.P, cocas with different modalities and all kinds of stews, rice and traditional embutidos (sausage).

Regarding the desserts, the most popular ones are the cubanos de Alcover, a sweet made in one of the local bakeries. Complete this gastronomic experience with one of the wines of the region, such as the wine D.O. Tarragona and the wine D.O. Cataluña.

guiso carne
cucharada aceite oliva
comer alcover espana fascinante

If you want to eat tapas or portions in Alcover, go to the Restaurant K-L’ermità, one of the most popular ones in the village. They prepare homemade food of great quality based on local products. We recommend the cod with Serrano ham cream.

There are many places to eat in Alcover. First, the Restaurant Ermita Del Remei, located in a beautiful environment under the Hermitage. Their menu will susprise you, specially the kid. They have free parking.

In Los Álamos you will find a varied menu. There’s space for meals for big groups and their specialty is the meat.

Finally, Mas Rosich A la Nostra, a small but charming restaurant where they really take care of the presentation of the dishes. They also have parking and an exterior terrace.

comer alcover restaurante ermita remei
Restaurante Ermita Del Remei
comer alcover restaurante alamos
Restaurante Los Álamos

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