Eating in Port del Comte

Eating in Port del Comte

Port del Comte is a complete ski resort located in the valley of Lord from the region of Solnés, right in the middle of the Catalan Pyrenees. Eating in Port del Comte is the perfect occasion to try some embutidos (sausage) and meats from the area. Are you coming with us?

Eating in Pont del Comte means to follow the tradition from the region of Solsonés, where the culture of the self-sufficiency and the use of the earth products is the tradition. The ranching and hunting are two culinary pillars of an area where recipes such as the stew of wild boar, the grilled calf meat, the rabbit with alioli from quince and the traditional embutidos made from the pig slaughtering are served on the local tables every year.

The mushrooms from the forest territories of the region are another product that is well valued when eating in Port del Comte and its surroundings. The cottage cheese, the goat and sheep cheese and the Odèn potatoes are other traditional products from solsonés that are always present in the kitchens from the village.

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If you want to taste the gastronomy of the region we recommend you to take a look at our “A la carte” section.

There are some good places to eat in Port del Comte and its surroundings. In La Coma i la Pedra we find the restaurant Fonts del Cardener, a place that prepares classic Catalan food using seasonal and local products. They have an attractive menu based in grilled meats, local recipes and homemade desserts.

Fonda Can Nin if a familiar place with a long professional career where a menu full of regional food is offered. Our favorite dish is the pork paws, one of the mains specialties from this restaurant.

If you go to Sant Llorenç de Moruny you will find Cal Tecu, a restaurant that serves market food and uses ingredients that are locally produced in order to create an attractive and balanced offer.

Can Peretà is a popular place when eating in that same village due to its homemade cuisine where grilled meats and other specialties from the region are popular.

Comer Port Comte restaurante cama pedra
Restaurante La Coma i la Pedra
Comer Port Comte restaurante fonda can nin
Restaurante Fonda Cal Nin

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